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ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
EBAL Aalst Hospital Helistrip Aalst
EBAM Amougies Airfield Mont-de-L'enclus
EBAW ANR Antwerp International Airport (Deurne) Antwerp
EBDR Antwerp/Commandant Fourcault Heliport Antwerp
EBAR Arlon-Sterpenich Ulm Arlon
EBIS Ath/Isieres Ulmodrome Isieres
EBAV Avernas-Le-Bauduin Ulm Hannut
EBMD Az Middelheim Heliport Antwerpen
EBSJ Az Sint-Jan Heliport Bruges
EBBY Baisy-Thy Ulm Genappe
EBKH Balen-Keiheuvel Airfield Balen
EBBA Baudour Heliport Douvrain
EBBE Beauvechain Air Base Beauvechain
ZAY Berchem Railway Stn. Antwerp
EBMS Bra Heliport Lierneu
EBBM Brakel/Michelbeke Heliport Michelbeke
EBBT Brasschaat Airfield Brasschaat
EBBV Brecht/Vochten Heliport Brecht
Brugge Bruges
EBBR BRU Brussels Airport Brussels
ZYR Brussels Gare Du Midi Brussels
EBCI CRL Brussels South Charleroi Airport Brussels
EBST Brustem Airfield Sint Truiden Sint Truiden
EBBN Büllingen Ulm Büllingen
EBBZ Buzet Ulm Pont-a-Celles
EBCF Cerfontaine Airfield Cerfontaine
Céroux-Mousty Ballon Field Céroux-Mousty
EBCV Chièvres Air Base Chièvres
EBLC Citadelle Heliport Liège
EBDI Diksmuide Heliport Diksmuide
EBLB Elsenborn Air Base (Closed) Bütgenbach
EBEN Engels Heliport Ranst
EBEB Evergem / Belzele Heliport Evergem
EBFS Florennes Air Base Florennes
EBFR Francorchamps Heliport Francorchamps
Froidchapelle Glider Field (Closed) Froidchapelle
EBZW Genk Zwartberg Airfield Genk
Gent Sint-Pieters Gent
GNE Ghent Ghent
EBTN Goetsenhoven Airfield Tienen
EBGE Grand Hôpital de Charleroi (Ghdc Asbl) Heliport Loverval
EBGB Grimbergen Airfield Grimbergen
EBHL Halen Heliport Halen
EBHA Ham Heliport Ham
EBHN Hoevenen Airfield Hoevenen
EBHO Holsbeek Heliport Holsbeek
EBHT Houthalen Heliport Houthalen
EBEH Hydrobase de l'Eau d'Heure
Jan Palfijn Hospital Heliport (Closed) Gent
EBBX Jehonville Air Base Bertrix
EBTK Kasterlee Heliport Tielen
EBBH Keysers Heliport Brecht
EBAK Kiel Heliport (Closed) Antwerpen
EBZH QHA Kiewit Airfield Hasselt Hasselt
EBBL Kleine Brogel Air Base Kleine Brogel
EBFN Koksijde Air Base Koksijde
EBKR Kruishoutem / Sons Heliport Kruishoutem
EBKU KJK Kuurne Heliport (Closed) Kuurne
EBDL Lanklaar Heliport (Closed) Dilsen-Stokkem
EBLE Leopoldsburg Airfield Leopoldsburg
EBLG LGG Liège Airport Liège
EBLH Liege Heliport (Met/Mil)
EBLX Lierneux / Centre Hospitalier Spécial l'Accueil Heliport Lierneux
EBLN Liernu Ulm Eghezée
EBLT Lint Heliport Lint
EBLU Lummen Heliport Lummen
EBBC Luyckx Heliport Brecht
EBHM Maasland Heliport Hasselt
EBML Maillen Ulmodrome Assesse
EBMG Matagne-La-Petite Ulmodrome Doische
EBME Meerbeek Heliport Meerbeek
EBMW Meise/Wolvertem Heliport Meise
EBVT Meix-Devant-Virton
EBMB Melsbroek Air Base Melsbroek (Steenokkerzeel)
EBLM Meulebeke Heliport Meulebeke
EBMT Montigny-Le-Tilleul Heliport Montigny-Le-Tilleul
EBMO Moorsele Airfield Moorsele
MWW Mouscron Mouscron
EBNM Namur-Suarlée Airfield Namur
EBNE Neerpelt Ulm Neerpelt
EBNP Neerpelt/Tilburgs Heliport Neerpelt
EBNL Nijlen Heliport Nijlen
EBNK Nokere/Suys Heliport Nokere
EBZM Oombergen Airfield (Closed) Zottegem
EBOO Oostdijckbank Platform Heliport Oostdijckbank
EBNH Oostende Heliport Oostende
EBLO Orban Heliport (Closed) Liège
EBOR Orchimont Ulmodrome Vresse-Sur-Semois
EBOS OST Ostend-Bruges International Airport Ostend
EBOB Oud-Heverlee/Blanden Heliport Oud-Heverlee
EBOT Oud-Turnhout (Closed) Oud-Turnhout, Flemish Region
EBGG Overboelare Airfield Geraardsbergen
EBLY Ranst/Lymar Heliport Ranst
EBYP Regionaal Ziekenhuis Jan Yperman Vzw Hospital Heliport Ypres
EBLR Reninge Heliport Lo-Reninge
EBVU Rotselaar Heliport Rotselaar
EBRR Rumbeke Heliport Roeselare
EBAS 'S Gravenwezel Heliport Schilde
EBSU Saint Hubert Air Base Saint Hubert
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