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ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
UMNI Aerodrom Kukoviatsino
UMMK Aerodrom Ozerki
Avia-Mensk Airstrip
UMNB Babruisk Air Base Babruisk
UMMA Baranavichi Air Base Baranavichi
Bel Airfield (Closed) Krichaw
Bobrovichi Air Base Kalinovichi
UMNS Bobruisk Aeroclub Babruysk
UMBK Borisovo Air Base Barysava
UMMB Borovaya Airfield (Closed) Minsk
UMWB Borovtsy Air Base Polatsk
Borovukha-2 Helipad Polatsk
UMBB BQT Brest Airport Brest
Drozdy Heliport Drozdy
Dzerzhinsky Highway Strip Dzerzhinsky
UMGG GME Gomel Airport Gomel
Gorki Gorki
UMMG GNA Hrodna Airport Hrodna
UMNG Karolin Airfield Grodno
Kisyali Airfield Kisyali
Kliepa─Źy Airstrip
Komsomolskaya Airstrip (Closed)
Korovatichi Heliport Korovatichi
UMDD Lida Air Base Lida
UMMI Lipki Air Base
UMNL Luninets Air Base Luninets
Mazalovo Airstrip Mazalovo
Mestnyy Airfield
Mihalin Airfield Mihalin
Minkavichi Agricultural Airstrip Minkavichi
UMMM MHP Minsk 1 Airport (Closed) Minsk
UMLI Minsk Machulishchy Air Base Minsk
UMMS MSQ Minsk National Airport Minsk
UMOO MVQ Mogilev Airport Mogilev
Njeman Heliport Njeman
UMNM Novo-Pashkovo Airfield Mahiylow / Mogilev
Obsianka Airstrip
UMIO TXC Orsha Airport - Balbasovo Air Base Orsha
UMMO Osovtsy Air Base Byaroza
Pinsk / Galevo Airfield Galevo
XMIP Polotsk Airfield (Closed) Polotsk
Postavy Air Base (Closed) Postavy
Pribytki Air Base Gomel
UMNV Pruzhany Air Base Pruzhany
Ptsich Airstrip Ptich
UMGI Rogachev Min'kov
UMMR Ross Air Base (Closed) Ross
Sivitsa Aerodrome Sivitsa
Stepanovo Airstrip
Suklina Airstrip
Sula Airstrip
Vd Bolshoy Bokov Airfield Mazyr
Vidzy Airstrip Vidzy
UMII VTB Vitebsk Vostochny Airport Vitebsk
Voirovka Airfield Voirovka
Voirovka East Airfield Voirovka
XMFJ Zheludok Heliport (Closed) Zheludok
Zhurzhevo Air Base (Closed) Vitebsk
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