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ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
OYAB EAB Abbs Abbs
OYAA ADE Aden Intl Aden
Al Anad
OYBA Al Badie Al Badie
OYGD AAY Al Ghaidah Intl Al Ghaidah Intl
OYBI Al-Bayda Al-Bayda
OYBQ Al-Bough Al-Bough
BUK Albuq Albuq
OYZM Al-Hazm Al-Hazm
OYSF As Salif Airport As Salif
OYAT AXK Ataq Ataq
OYRT Barat Airport Barat
BYD Beidah Beidah
OYBN BHN Beihan Beihan
DAH Dathina Dathina
DHL Dhala Dhala
DMR Dhamar Dhamar
OYHD HOD Hodeidah Intl Hodeidah
OYKM KAM Kamaran Airport Kamaran
OYAM KAM Kamaran Is Kamaran Is
LDR Lodar Lodar
OYMB MYN Marib Marib
OYMC Mokha
ODAR RIY Mukalla Riyan
OYMK UKR Mukeiras Mukeiras
OYMS UKR Mukeiras Airport Mukayras
OYQN IHN Qishn Qishn
RXA Raudha Raudha
OYRN RIY Riyan Mukalla
OYSH SYE Saadah Saadah
OYSN SAH Sanaa Intl Sanaa
OYSY GXF Sayun International Airport Sayun Intl
OYSQ SCT Socotra Intl Socotra
OYTZ TAI Taiz Intl Taiz
WDA Wadi Ain Wadi Ain
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