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ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
VVVV Bach Mai Airfield (Closed) Hanoi
Bien Hoa Air Base Bien Hoa
VVBM BMV Buon Ma Thuot Airport Buon Ma Thuot
VVCM CAH Cà Mau Airport Ca Mau City
VVCL Cam Ly Airport Da Lat
VVCR CXR Cam Ranh Airport Nha Trang
VVCT VCA Can Tho International Airport Can Tho
VTG Cape St Jacques Cape St Jacques
VVCI HPH Cat Bi International Airport Haiphong
VVCA VCL Chu Lai International Airport Dung Quat Bay
VVCS VCS Co Ong Airport Con Dao
VVDN DAD Da Nang International Airport Da Nang
VVDB DIN Dien Bien Phu Airport Dien Bien Phu
VVDH VDH Dong Hoi Airport Dong Hoi
VVTH TBB Dong Tac Airport Tuy Hoa
HBN Flamingo Phu-Bon
VVGL Gia Lam Air Base Hanoi
Great Discovery Reef Helipad Spratly Islands (disputed)
VV03 Haiphong Kien An Airport Hai Phong
Hòa Lạc Air Base Hanoi (Hà Tây)
VVKP Kep Air Base Kep
KON Kontum Airport Kontum
VVDL DLI Lien Khuong Airport Da Lat
Long Thanh Long Thành
XLO Long Xuyen Long Xuyen
Năm Căn Heliport Năm Căn
Namyit Island Helipad Spratly Islands (disputed)
VVNS SQH Na-San Airport Son-La
VVNT NHA Nha Trang Air Base (Closed) Nha Trang
HOO Nhon Co Airfield Quang Duc
VVNB HAN Noi Bai International Airport Hanoi
Pearson Reef 'B' Helipad Spratly Islands (disputed)
VVPR PHA Phan Rang Airport Phan Rang
VVPT PHH Phan Thiet Airport Phan Thiet
VVPB HUI Phu Bai Airport Hue
VVPC UIH Phu Cat Airport Quy Nohn
VVPQ PQC Phu Quoc International Airport Phu Quoc Island
PHU Phu Vinh Phu Vinh
VSO Phuoclong Phuoclong
VVPK PXU Pleiku Airport Pleiku
XNG Quảng Ngãi Airfield (Closed) Quảng Ngãi
VVQN Quinhon Quinhon
VVRG VKG Rach Gia Airport Rach Gia
SOA Sóc Trăng Airport Sóc Trăng
VVTS SGN Tan Son Nhat International Airport Ho Chi Minh City
VVTX THD Tho Xuan Airport Thanh Hóa
Truong Sa Airport Spratly Islands (disputed)
VVVD VDO Vân Đồn International Airport Ha Long
VVVH VII Vinh Airport Vinh
XVL Vinh Long Airfield Vinh Long
VVVT VTG Vung Tau Airport Vung Tau
West London Reef Helipad Spratly Islands (disputed)
Yên Bái Air Base Yên Bái
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