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ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
Aim Southeast Airport (Closed) Kurgantepa
Ak Kurgan Airport (Closed) Ak Kurgan
Ak Tepe Airport Toshkent
Alhi Airport Alhi
UTFA AZN Andizhan Airport Andizhan
Andizhan Northeast Airport (Closed) Andizhan
Aradzhi Airport Aradzhi
Aranchi Airfield Aranchi
Aravan Northeast Airport (Closed) Shorkishlak
Atakent Airport (Closed) Atakent
Bakht Southeast Airport (Closed) Bakht
Balykchi Southwest Airport (Closed) Saryksu
Bayaut Pervyy West Airport (Closed) Bayaut Pervyy
Beleuli North Airport (Closed) Jasliq
Beruni Airport Beruni
Besh Kotan Airport Besh Kotan
UTSB BHK Bukhara International Airport Bukhara
Chambel Airport Khatcha
Charkhin Airport (Closed) Charkhin
Chartak Airport (Closed) Chartak
Chim Airport (Closed) Chim
Chimkurgan Airport (Closed) Chimkurgan
Chimkurgan Northwest Airport (Closed) Chimkurgan
Chinaz Highway Airstrip Chinaz
Chirchik Airport Chirchik
Daul Airport (Closed) Daul
Dehqonobod Heliport Dehqonobod
Denau Airport (Closed) Denau
Denau Southwest Airport (Closed) Denau
Dimitrovskoye Airport (Closed) Dimitrovskoye
Dustlik East Airport (Closed) Dustlik
Dustlik North Airport (Closed) Dustlik
Dustlik Northeast Airport (Closed) Dustlik
Dustlik Southeast Airport (Closed) Dustlik
Dutyr Airport (Closed) Rishtan
Dzharkurgan East Airport Dzharkurgan
Dzhar-Tepe Airport Dzhar-Tepe
UTED Dzizak
Eski-Jomboy Airport (Closed) Dzhambay
Faizabad Airport (Closed) Faizabad
UTFF FEG Fergana International Airport Fergana
Fergana Southwest Airport (Closed) Fergana
Galyabita East Airport (Closed) Galyabita
Gilyambor Airport Gilyambor
Golodnaya Step Southeast Airport (Closed) Golodnaya
Gulistan North Airport Gulistan
Guzar Airport (Closed) Guzar
Ilich North Airport (Closed) Ilich
Imeni Chkalova Airport (Closed) Imeni Chkalova
Imeni Kirova Airport Imeni Kirova
Irdzharskaya Northwest Airport (Closed) Irdzharskaya
Irdzharskaya West Airport (Closed) Irdzharskaya
Isat Airport (Closed) Isat
Isbaskent Airport (Closed) Kochkor-ata
Ishbulak North Airport (Closed) Nushkent
Kairma Airport (Closed) Mevali
Kakaydy Airport Goran
Kamashi Airport Kamashi
Kara Kalpak Airport Kara Kalpak
Karadarya East Airport (Closed) Karadarya
Karakoy Airport (Closed) Karakoy
Karakoy Southeast Airport (Closed) Karakoy
Karakoy Southwest Airport (Closed) Karakoy
UTSK KSQ Karshi Airport Karshi
Karshi East Airport (Closed) Karshi
UTSL KSQ Karshi-Khanabad Air Base Khanabad
Karyz Airport Ayman
Kasan Southwest Airport Kasan
Kattakurgan East Airport (Closed) Kattakurgan
Kattaming Airport (Closed) Kattaming
Kayki Airport Kayki
Kazakly Baudark Airport (Closed) Kazakly Baudark
Khatyrchi Northwest Airport (Closed) Khatyrchi
Khavast Airport Kahvast
Kilab Northwest Airport (Closed) Kilab
Kilab Southeast Airport (Closed) Kilab
Kishiseit East Airport (Closed) Kishiseit
Kishiseit Northeast Airport (Closed) Kishiseit
Kodzhar Southwest Airport (Closed) Chodshar
Kogon South Airport Kogon
UTKK Kokand Airport Kokand
Kokand North Airport (Closed) Kokand
Kokand Southeast Airport Kokand
Kolodets Sari Bel West Airport (Closed) Kolodets Sari
Kukaral Sedmoy Airport (Closed) Kukaral
Kumushkent Airport (Closed) Kumushkent
Kungirot Airport Kungirot
Kunkhodzha Airport Kunkhodzha
Kuva Southeast Airport Markhamat
Kuva West Airport Ramadan
Kuvasay North Airport (Closed) Ualik
Maidanak Training Base Heliport Chit
Malekskaya Airport Malekskaya
Margelan Airport (Closed) Margelan
Matlha Airport (Closed) Parchayuz
Maymanak Airport Maynanak
Mitan Airport (Closed) Kara Darya
Muglan Airport Muglan
Muruntau Southeast Airport Muruntau
UTNM MOK Muynak Airport Muynak
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