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ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
54 Sheik Ahmed Bin Rashid Al Moalla Street Heliport Umm al-Quwain
Abu Al Abyad Airfield Abu Al Abyad
Abu Dhabi Helicopter Tour Heliport Abu Dhabi
OMAA AUH Abu Dhabi International Airport Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi Northeast Airport - Suweihan Air Base Abu Dhabi
ADNOC Buhasa Heliport Buhasa
ADNOC Helipad South
ADNOC HQ Building Helipad Abu Dhabi
ADNOC Offshore Central Island Heliport ADNOC Offshore Central Island
ADNOC Offshore North Island Heliport ADNOC Offshore North Island
ADNOC Offshore South Island Heliport ADNOC Offshore South Island
ADNOC Onshore Qusahwira Heliport Umm Al Zumoul
ADNOC OPD Clinic Habshan Heliport Habshan
ADNOC Upper Zakum West Island Heliport ADNOC Upper Zakum West Island
Aeroprakt Private Airport Al Dhaid
Ajman Heliport Ajman
Ajman Hotel Heliport Ajman
Ajman Palace Heliport Ajman
Al Ain Feed Mill Heliport Al Ain
OMAL AAN Al Ain International Airport Al Ain
Al Ain Police Heliport Al Ain
Al Ain Tawam Hospital North Heliport Al Ain
Al Ain Tawam Hospital South Heliport Al Ain
OMAD AZI Al Bateen Executive Airport Abu Dhabi
Al Bateen Palace West Helipad Abu Dhabi
Al Bateen Palace West Inner Helipad Abu Dhabi
Al Bateen PGC Heliport Abu Dhabi
Al Batha Tower Helipad Sharjah
Al Dana Tower Helipad Sharjah
Al Dara Border Crossing Heliport Al Jeer
OMAM DHF Al Dhafra Air Base Abu Dhabi
Al Dhafra Beach Hotel Heliport Jebel Dhanna
Al Dhafrah New Hospital Heliport Zayed City
Al Dhafrah Old Hospital Heliport Zayed City
Al Dhaid Heliport Al Dhaid
Al Dhaid Hospital Heliport Al Dhaid
Al Dhaid Palace Central Heliport Al Dhaid
Al Dhaid Palace East Heliport Al Dhaid
Al Fahim Palace Heliport Abu Dhabi
Al Falasi Building Helipad Sharjah
Al Fattan Marine Services Heliport Al Sadr
Al Ferasa Tower Helipad Sharjah
OMNK Al Forsan Heliport Abu Dhabi
Al Ghuwaifat Border Post helipad Al Ghuwaifat
Al Ghuwaifat Customs Post Helipad (Closed) Al Ghuwaifat
Al Hail Corniche Tower Heliport Fujairah
OMAH Al Hamra Auxiliary Airport Al Shuweihat
Al Husayn Border Crossing Helipad Al Husayn
Al Jimi Civic Center Heliport Al Ain
Al Majarrah Building Helipad Sharjah
Al Majaz Pearl Tower Helipad Sharjah
OMDW DWC Al Maktoum International Airport Jebel Ali
Al Manhal Palace Heliport Abu Dhabi
Al Maqam Heliport Al Maqam
Al Marfa Hospital Heliport Al Marfa
Al Marfa Power and Desalinization Plant Heliport Al Marfa
OMDM NHD Al Minhad Air Base Dubai
Al Mushrif Palace Helipad Abu Dhabi
Al Muzoon Central Helipad Abu Dhabi
Al Muzoon East Helipad Abu Dhabi
Al Muzoon West Helipad Abu Dhabi
Al Qaffay Airport Al Qaffay
Al Qassimi Hospital Heliport Al Khezamia
Al Qurm Resort Heliport Abu Dhabi
Al Rahba Hospital Heliport Al Rahba
Al Ruwais Hospital Heliport Al Ruwais
Al Sadr Port North Helipad Al Sadr
OMRS Al Saqr Field Al Duhaisah
Al Sarouj Helipad Al Sarouj
Al Saud Building Helipad Sharjah
Al Sila Former Hospital Heliport Baya Al Sila
Al Sila Hospital Heliport Baya al Sila
Ali Al Qubaisi Building Helipad Sharjah
Anantara Sir Bani Yas Island Al Sahel Villa Resort Heliport Sir Bani Yas
Anantara Sir Bani Yas Island Al Yamm Villa Resort Heliport Sir Bani Yas
OMAR Arzanah Airport Arzanah Island
OMAC Asab Airfield (Closed) Asab
Asab Clinic Heliport Asab
Asab Heliport Asab
Barakah East Heliport Barakah
Barakah ENEC Heliport Barakah
Barakah Nuclear Power Plant Heliport Barakah
Bateen Liwa Heliport Bateen Liwa
Bel Rasheed Building Helipad Sharjah
Bu Tinah Heliport Bu Tinah Island
OMAB Buhasa Airport Buhasa
Buheira Building Helipad Sharjah
Burj al Arab Resort Helipad Dubai
Burjeel Medical City Heliport Abu Dhabi
Business Tower Sharjah Helipad Sharjah
Camp Al Hamra Heliport Al Hamra
Camp Falaj Hazzaa Airfield Al Ain
Chocolate Palace Helipad Fujairah
City Center Building Heliport Fujairah
Creative Tower Helipad Fujairah
Crown Prince Court Helipad 1 Abu Dhabi
Crown Prince Court Helipad 2 Abu Dhabi
Crystal Tower Helipad Sharjah
OMAS Das Island Airport Das Island
OMDL ZDY Delma Airport Delma Island
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