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ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
OMAA AUH Abu Dhabi International Airport Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi Northeast Airport Abu Dhabi
OMAL AAN Al Ain International Airport Al Ain
OMAM DHF Al Dhafra Air Base Abu Dhabi
OMNK Al Forsan Helipad Abu Dhabi
Al Ghuwaifat Border Post helipad
Al Ghuwaifat Customs Post helipad
OMAH Al Hamra Aux Airport Al Hamra
OMRJ Al Jazeirah Al Jazeirah
OMDW DWC Al Maktoum International Airport Jebel Ali
OMDM NHD Al Minhad Air Base Dubai
Al Mushrif Palace Helipad Abu Dhabi
OMRS Al Saqr Field Ras al Khaimah
OMAR Arzanah Airport Arzanah Island
OMAC Asab Airfield (Closed) Asab
OMAD AZI Bateen Airport Abu Dhabi
OMAB Buhasa Airport Buhasa
Burj al Arab Resort Helipad Dubai
OMAS Das Island Airport Das Island
OMDL ZDY Delma Airport Delma Island
Delma Hospital Helipad Delma Island
DCG Dubai Creek SPB Dubai
Dubai Festival City Helipad Dubai
OMDB DXB Dubai International Airport Dubai
Dubai Skydive
OMFJ FJR Fujairah International Airport Fujeirah
OMAF Futaysi Futaysi
Ghantoot Hotel 1 Helipad
Ghantoot Hotel 2 Helipad
Ghantoot Hotel 3 Helipad
Ghantoot Racing & Polo Club Helipad
Golden Tulip Al Jazira Helipad
DJH Jebel Ali Seaplane Base Jebel Ali
OMAJ Jebel Dhana Airport Jebel Dhana
Kempinski Emirates Palace Twin Heliport
Oceana Palm Jumeirah Helipad
Palm Jumeirah Heliport
OMAQ Qarnayn Airport Qarnayn Island
OMRK RKT Ras al Khaimah International Airport Ras al Khaimah
Schumacher Heliport Dubai
OMSJ SHJ Sharjah International Airport Sharjah
Sheikh Sultan Bin Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan palace Heliport Complex
Sila Hospitals Helipad Baya Al Sila
OMBY XSB Sir Bani Yas Airport
OMUQ Umm al Quwain Umm al Quwain
Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah Helipad
AYM Yas Island Seaplane Base Abu Dhabi
Yas Marina Circuit Heliport Abu Dhabi
Yas Marina Heliport Abu Dhabi
Yasat Higher Airport
OMAZ Zirku Airport Zirku Island
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