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ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
RCFS Chia Tung
RCKU CYI Chiayi Chiayi
RMQ Chingchuankang Taichung
RCCM CMJ Cimei Airport Cimei
RCMJ Donggang
RCLM Dongsha
RCNO Dongshi
RCFN TTT Fengnin Fengnin
RCAY Gangshan Kangshan
RCKW HCN Hengchun Airport Hengchun
RCPO HSZ Hsinchu Hsinchu
RCYU HUN Hualien Hualien
Hualien Air Base Hualien City
RCQS Jhihhang Taitung
RCKH KHH Kaohsiung Intl Kaohsiung
RCLY KYD Lanyu Lanyu
LHN Lishan Lishan
RCDI Longtan Longtang
RCGI GNI Lyudao Green Island
RCQC MZG Magong Makung
RCMT MFK Matsu Beigan Airport Matsu Islands
RCFG LZN Matsu Nangan Airport Matsu Islands
KYD Orchid Island Orchid Island
RCUK Pa Kuei / Bakuai
RCSQ Pingtung North Pingtung
RCDC PIF Pingtung South Pingtung
RCBS KNH Shang Yi Kinmen
SMT Sun Moon Lake Sun Moon Lake
RCSS TSA Sungshan Taipei
RCLG TXG Taichung Airport Taichung
RCMQ RMQ Taichung Ching Chuang Kang Airport Chingchuakang
RCNN TNN Tainan Tainan
Taipei Station Taipei
RCSP Taiping Island Airport Taiping
RCFN TTT Taitung Taitung
RCGM Taoyuan Air Base Taoyuan City
RCTP TPE Taoyuan Intl Taipei
RCWA WOT Wang An Wang An
Zuoying Station Kaohsiung
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