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Airports Asia Saudi Arabia


ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
OEAB AHB Abha Regional Airport Abha
OEBQ Abqaiq Airport Abqaiq
OEAA Abu Ali Airport
OEAH HOF Al Ahsa Airport Al-Ahsa
Al Artawiyah South Airport
OEBA ABT Al Baha Airport El-Baha
Al Bir Highway Strip
OEHS Al Hasa Airport
EKJ Al Kharj
Al Kharj East Airport
Al Lidem Airport
OEPA AQI Al Qaisumah/Hafr al Batin Airport Qaisumah
OEWJ EJH Al Wajh Domestic Airport Al Wajh
Al Wariah SE Highway Strip
OESK AJF Al-Jawf Domestic Airport Al-Jawf
OEAD Aradah Airport Ardah
OERR RAE Arar Domestic Airport Arar
Arfa Airport
Ash Sharqiyah Region, Saudi Arabia
OEBT Batha Airport Batha
OEBH BHH Bisha Airport Bisha
XZF Dammam Port Dammam
OEDW DWD Dawadmi Domestic Airport (Closed) Dawadmi
OEGS ELQ Gassim Airport Gassim
OEGT URY Gurayat Domestic Airport Gurayat
Hafar al Atk Airport
OEHL HAS Ha'il Airport Ha'il
OEHR Haradh Airport Harad
OEHW Hawtah Airport Al Hawtah
OEPK Ipsa 3 Airport
OEGN GIZ Jizan Regional Airport Jizan
OEJB QJB Jubail Airport Jubail
Khalfan Airport
OEKA Khashm Alan Riyadh
OEKN Khurais Airport Khurais Oil Field
King Abdul Aziz Military Academy Airport
OEDR DHA King Abdulaziz Air Base Dhahran
OEJN JED King Abdulaziz International Airport Jeddah
OEJL King Abdulaziz Naval Base Jubail
OEDF DMM King Fahd International Airport Ad Dammam
OEJF King Faisal Naval Base Jeddah
OEKM KMX King Khaled Air Base Khamis Mushait
OERK RUH King Khaled International Airport Riyadh
OEKK KMC King Khaled Military City Airport King Khaled Military City
OEDM DWD King Salman Abdulaziz Airport Dawadmi
OEAO ULH Majeed Bin Abdulaziz Airport Al Ula
MJH Majma Majma
OEMK Makkah
Mecca East Airport
OENR Nariya Airport Nariya
OENG EAM Nejran Airport Nejran
OEKR Old Khurais Airport Khurais Oil Field
OEYN YNB Prince Abdulmohsin Bin Abdulaziz Airport Yanbu
OEMA MED Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz Airport Medina
OEPS AKH Prince Sultan Air Base Al Kharj
OEPJ Pump Station 10 Airport Petroline 10
OEPC Pump Station 3 Airport Petroline 3
OEPF Pump Station 6 Airport Petroline 6
OEPI Pump Station 9 Airport Pump Station 9
Qalibah Highway Strip
Quz South Airport
OERB Rabigh Airport Rabigh
OERF RAH Rafha Domestic Airport Rafha
Ras Khafji Airport
OERM Ras Mishab Airport Rash Mishab
OETN Ras Tanajib Airport Ras Tanajib
OERT Ras Tanura Airport Ras Tanura
OERY XXN Riyadh Air Base Riyadh
OEST Shabitah Shabitah
OESB Shaibah Airport Shaybah
OESH SHW Sharurah Airport Sharurah
OESL SLF Sulayel Airport Sulayel
OETF TIF Ta’If Regional Airport Ta’If
OETB TUU Tabuk Airport Tabuk
OEBN Thablotin Airport Thabhloten
OETH Thumamah Airport Thumamah
OETR TUI Turaif Domestic Airport Turaif
OEUD Udhailiyah Airport Udhailiyah
Ugtah Highway Strip
OEOM Um Almelh Um Almelh
OEUM Umm Lajj Airport Umm Lejj
UZH Unayzah Unayzah
Uwayqilah Airport
OEWD WAE Wadi al Dawasir Airport Wadi-al-Dawasir
OEZL ZUL Zilfi Airport Zilfi
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