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ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
OPAB AAW Abbottabad Airport (Closed) Abbottabad
Abbottabad University Of Science And Technology (AUST) Heliport Abbottabad
Al Ghaba Airstrip Rahim Yar Khan
OPLA LHE Alama Iqbal International Airport Lahore
ATG Attock Railway Attock
WGB Bahawalnagar Bahawalnagar
OPBR WGB Bahawalnagar Airport Bahawalnagar
OPBW BHV Bahawalpur Airport Bahawalpur
Baloch Centre Helipad Abbottabad
OPBN BNP Bannu Airport Bannu
Basal Airport Basal
OPBL Bela Airport Khan Bela
Belab Airport Belab
OPRN ISB Benazir Bhutto International Airport Islamabad
OPBG BHW Bhagatanwala Airport Bhagatanwala
SGI Bhagatanwala Apt Sargodha
BHC Bhurban Heliport Bhurban
CWP Campbellpore Airport Campbellpore
OPKA Cape Monz Airport Cape Monz
Chandhar Airport Hafizabad
Chashma Airport Kundian
OPCL CHB Chilas Airport Chilas
OPCT Chirat Airport Nowshera
OPCH CJL Chitral Airport Chitral
OPKE Chore Airport Chore
Chota Malir Airstrips (Closed) Karachi
Comsats University Helipad Abbottabad
DDU Dadu Dadu
OPDD DDU Dadu Airport Dadu
DDU Dadu West Airport Dadu
OPDK Daharki Airport Daharki
OPDB DBA Dalbandin Airport Dalbandin
Dalbandin Heliport Dalbandin
OPDG DEA Dera Ghazi Khan Airport Dera Ghazi Khan
OPDI DSK Dera Ismael Khan Airport Dera Ismael Khan
DHA City Helipad #1 Karachi
DHA City Helipad #2 Karachi
Dhingar Airport Dhingar
OPSF Faisal Air Base Karachi
OPFA LYP Faisalabad International Airport Faisalabad
OPKF Gharo Airport Gharo
OPGT GIL Gilgit Airport Gilgit
Gilgit Heliport Gilgit
GRT Gujrat Airport Gujrat
Gurha Salim Airport Gurha Salim
Gurha Salim Heliport Gurha Salim
OPGD GWD Gwadar International Airport Gwadar
Hubco Township Heliport Hub
OPKD HDD Hyderabad Airport Hyderabad
OPIS ISB Islamabad International Airport Islamabad, Punja
Jam Nida Northwest Airport Jam Nida
Jamal Din Wali Airport Rahim Yar Khan
OPKC KHI Jinnah International Airport Karachi
OPJI JIW Jiwani Airport Jiwani
Jungshahi Airstrip Jungshahi
Juzzak Airport Juzzak
OPKW KCF Kadanwari Airport Kadanwari
OPKL KBH Kalat Airport (Closed) Kalat
Kandhkot Airport Kandhkot
Kashmor Airport Kashmor
Khairpur Airport Khairpur
Khanpur Airport Khanpur
OPKN Kharan Airport (Closed) Kharan
Kharan East Airport Kharan
Khewra Airport Khewra
OPKH KDD Khuzdar Airport Khuzdar
OPKT OHT Kohat Airport Kohat
OPKK Korangi Creek Airport Karachi
Korangi Creek Heliport Karachi
Kot Addu Airport Kot Addu
Kozhak Heliport Shelabagh
Larkana Airport Larkana
OPLL LRG Loralai Airport Loralai
Mad Jamu Airport Mad Jamu Kholelan
Makli-Thatta Heliport Makli
Mandi Bahauddin Air Base Mandi Bahauddin
OPMA XJM Mangla Airport Mangla
HRA Mansehra Airport (Closed) Mansehra
Mari Indus East Airstrip (Closed) Kalabagh
OPMR Masroor Air Base Karachi
OPMI MWD Mianwali Air Base Mianwali
OPMS ATG Minhas Air Base Kamra
Mir Baz Airport Mir Baz
OPMN Miram Shah Airport Miram Shah
OPMK MPD Mirpur Khas Air Base Mirpur Khas
OPMJ MJD Moenjodaro Airport Moenjodaro
OPMT MUX Multan International Airport Multan
OPSR SGI Mushaf Air Base Sargodha
OPMF MFG Muzaffarabad Airport Muzaffarabad
Nok Kundi Airport Nok Kundi
OPNK NHS Nushki Airport (Closed) Nushki
Nushki Heliport Nushki
OPOK Okara Cantonment Airstrip Okara
OPOR ORW Ormara Airport Ormara Raik
Ouzkani Airport Khandor
PAF Khalid Air Base Quetta
Paf Murid Air Base Murid
Pakistan Military Academy Helipad 1 Abbottabad
Pakistan Military Academy Helipad 10 Abbottabad
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