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Airports Asia Oman


ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
OOAD AOM Adam Airport Adam
Al Ashkharah Police Heliport Al Ashkharah
Al Haqt Heliport Khasab
Armed Forces Beach Club Helipad Muscat
BJQ Bahja Airport Bahja
OOBR RMB Buraimi Airport Buraimi
Camp Khasab Heliport Khasab
Camp Malik bin Fahm Heliport Ibri
BYB Dibba Airport Dibba al Baya
Dibba al Baya Hospital Heliport Dibba al Baya
OODQ DQM Duqm International Airport Duqm
OOFD FAU Fahud Airport Fahud
OOFQ Firq Air Base (Closed) Firq
OOHA Haima Airport Haima
OOIA Ibra Airport Ibra
OOII Ibri Airport Ibri
OOIZ Izki Air Base Izki
Izki Police Station Heliport Izki
OOJA JNJ Ja'Aluni Airport Duqm
Jalan Bani Bu Hassan Police Heliport Jalan Bani Bu Hassan
OOKB KHS Khasab Airport Khasab
Khasab Hospital Heliport Khasab
Khoula Hospital Heliport Muscat
OOLK LKW Lekhwair Airport Lekhwair
Limah Airstrip Limah
Madha Airport Madha
Manston Air Base Manston
Maqshin Airport Maqshin
Maqshin Police Heliport Maqshin
OOMX OMM Marmul Airport Marmul
Masirah Hospital Heliport Masirah
Mudayy Airport Mudayy
OOMK UKH Mukhaizna Airport Mukhaizna Oil Field
Mursays Airport Mursays
OOMS MCT Muscat International Airport Muscat
OOMN MNH Mussanah Airport Al Masna'ah
OONZ Nizwa
Oman Flying Club Airport Al Jafnayn
OOGB RNM Qarn Alam Airport Ghaba
OOMA MSH Rafo Masirah Masirah
Ramlet Khelah Border Post Heliport Ramlet Khelah
OORH Ras Al Hadd Airport Ras Ar Ruays
Rawdah Airstrip Rawdah
Safah Heliport Safah
OOSQ Saiq Airport Saiq
OOSA SLL Salalah Airport Salalah
Sarfayt Airport Sarfayt
Shafa Army Heliport Shafa
OOSH OHS Sohar Airport Sohar
OOSR SUH Sur Airport (Closed) Sur
Sur Hospital Heliport Sur
OOTH TTH Thumrait Air Base Thumrait
Tibat Border Crossing Heliport Tibat
Umm al Ghanam Airport Kumzar
Umm al Ghanam Heliport Kumzar
Wab al Sebil Heliport Sall Ala
OOYB Yibal Airport Yibal
Yibal Heliport Yibal
Yibal West Airport Yibal
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