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Airports Asia Malaysia


ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
WMAA Bahau Airport (Closed) Bahau
WBGQ BKM Bakalalan Airport Bakalalan
WBGZ BBN Bario Airport Bario
WMAB Batu Pahat Airport Batu Pahat
WBGC BLG Belaga Airport Belaga
WMAC Benta Airport Benta
WMAD Bentong Airport (Closed) Bentong
WMAE Bidor Airport Bidor
WBGB BTU Bintulu Airport Bintulu
ZMK Bintulu Port Bintulu
Cameron Highlands Airstrip Ringlet
WMAG Dungun Airport Dungun
Felda Lok Heng Airport Lok Heng
XPQ Ferry Port Klang
GTB Genting Genting
Genting Heliport Genting Highlands
WMGK Gong Kedak Airport
WMAH Grik Airport Grik
Hunter (Morotai) Airport Morotai
Istana Negara Helipad Kuala Lumpur
WMAJ Jendarata Airport Jendarata
Jeroco Airport Jeroco
Johor Polo Club Helipad Johor Bahru
WBGP KPI Kapit Airport Kapit
Kaya88 Malaysia
KD Malaya Heliport Lumut
KD Sultan Ismail Heliport Tanjung Pengelih
Kelabakan Airport Kelabakan
WBKG KGU Keningau Airport Keningau
WMKE KTE Kerteh Airport Kerteh
KLATCC Heliport Sepang
WMAP Kluang Airport Kluang
WBKB Kota Belud Airport Kota Belud
WBKK BKI Kota Kinabalu International Airport Kota Kinabalu
Kuala Kahaba Airport Kuala Kahaba
WMAL Kuala Kerai Airport Kuala Kerai
WMKK KUL Kuala Lumpur International Airport Sepang
Kuala Medamit Airport Kuala Medamit
WBKU Kuala Penyu Airport Kuala Penyu
WMKD KUA Kuantan Airport Kuantan
WBGG KCH Kuching International Airport Kuching
ZGY Kuching Port Kuching
WBKT KUD Kudat Airport Kudat
WMAQ Labis Airport Labis
WBKL LBU Labuan Airport Labuan
WBKD LDU Lahad Datu Airport Lahad Datu
WMKL LGK Langkawi International Airport Langkawi
WBGW LWY Lawas Airport Lawas
LAC Layang-Layang Airport Pulau Layang-Layang (Swallow R
WBGJ LMN Limbang Airport Limbang
Limbang Heliport Limbang
WBGO Lio Matu Airport Lio Matu
WBGL LKH Long Akah Airport Long Akah
WBGA Long Atip Airport Long Atip
LBP Long Banga Airport Long Banga
LBP Long Banga Airport Long Banga
WBGE Long Geng Airport Long Geng
Long Lama Long Lama
LLM Long Lama Airport Long Lama
WBGF LGL Long Lellang Airport Long Datih
GSA Long Pasia Long Pasia
WBKN GSA Long Pasia Airport Long Miau
WBGD LSM Long Semado Airport Long Semado
WBGI ODN Long Seridan Airport Long Seridan
WBGU LSU Long Sukang Airport Long Sukang
WMPR RDN Lts Pulau Redang Airport Redang
WMLU Lutong Airport (Closed) Lutong
WMKM MKZ Malacca International Airport Malacca
Marak Parak Airport Marak Parak
WBGM MUR Marudi Airport Marudi
Meligan Airport Meligan
Meridi Airport Meridi
WMAU MEP Mersing Airport Mersing
WBGR MYY Miri Airport Miri
MZS Mostyn Airport (Closed) Mostyn
WMAV Muar / Bakri Airport Muar
WBGK MKM Mukah Airport Mukah
WBMU MZV Mulu Airport Mulu
Nangoh Airport Nangoh
WBGK MKM Old Mukah Stolport (Closed) Mukah
Pa Dali Airport Marudi
Pa Ramudu Airport Paramudu
WBKP PAY Pamol Airport Pamol
Pandewan Airport Pandewan
ZLW Pasir Gudang Port Pasir Gudang
WMKP PEN Penang International Airport Penang
ZJR Penang Port Penang
WMBH Pengkalan Hulu Airport Pengkalan Hulu
WMAM LGK Peninsular Langkawi
Pit Lane Exit Helipad Sepang
WMPA PKG Pulau Pangkor Airport Pangkor Island
Putrajaya International Convention Centre Heliport Putrajaya
Putrajaya Recreational Airport Putrajaya
WBKR RNU Ranau Airport Ranau
WMKB BWH Rmaf Butterworth Air Base Butterworth
WBKH SXS Sahabat [Sahabat 16] Airport Sahabat
WBKS SDK Sandakan Airport Sandakan
Saratok Hospital Heliport Saratok
Sarikei Hospital Heliport Sarikei
WMAZ Segamat Airport Segamat
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