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ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
Abdullah bin Umm Maktum Mosque Helipad Az Zawr
XIJ Ahmed al Jaber Ahmed al Jaber
OKAJ XIJ Ahmed al Jaber Air Base Ahmed al Jaber AB
Al Abdaliyah Highway Strip Al Abdaliyah
Al Adan Heliport Hadiya
OKAS Ali al Salem Air Base Al Damaikhi
Al-Nuwaiseeb Heliport Al-Nuwaiseeb
Failaka Heliport Az Zawr
Failaka North Helipad Az Zawr
KOC Heliport Al Ahmadi
Kubbar Island Helipad Kubbar Island
OKKK KWI Kuwait International Airport Kuwait City
Marina Waves Heliport Salmiya
New Ahmadi Hospital Heliport Al Ahmadi
Old Ahmadi Hospital Heliport 1 Al Ahmadi
Old Ahmadi Hospital Heliport 2 Al Ahmadi
Ouha Island Helipad Ouha Island
Patton Army Heliport Camp Arifjan
Police Officers Club Heliport Abu Hassaniya
Qaruh Island Helipad Qaruh Island
OKNB Ras al-Qulayah Naval Base Heliport Ras al-Qulayah Naval Base
Sabiya Thermal Power Plant Heliport (Central) Shumaymah
Sabiya Thermal Power Plant Heliport (Entrance) Shumaymah
Sabiya Thermal Power Plant Heliport (West) Shumaymah
Skydive Kuwait Airport Al-Khiran
OKDI Udairi Army Air Field Camp Buehring
Umm al Maradim Island Helipad Umm al Maradim Island
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