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ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
377th Medical Company (AA) Dustoff - Flight Line Camp Mosier
53rd ROK Army Division Heliport Haeundae (Busan)
RKSG A 511 Airport Pyongtaek
Alddreu Airfield (K-40) (Cheju-do No. 2)
Andong General Hospital Andong
RKSA Ascom City/a-102
Baek Ui Ri Airfield (G 228) Gososeong-ri
Baengnyeong-ri Helipad Baengnyeong-ri
Bangtong-ri Helipad Bangtong-ri
Barami Heliport Barami, Andong
Benecity Apartment Complex Heliports Busan
Bia-ri East Helipad Bia-ri
Bia-ri Helipad Bia-ri
Bia-ri South Helipad Bia-ri
Bongamri (C 263) Heliport Bongam-ri
Brooklyn Hill Heliport (H-810)
RKRB Bu Cheon Airfield (G-103) Airport Ilsin-Ro
RKSP Bukpo-ri Heliport Bukpo-ri, Baengnyeongdo
Bunam-ri Heliport Bunam-ri
Busan (Jakjeon) Naval Base Heliport Yongho-dong, Nam-Gu, Busan
RKPP Busan Heliport (Closed) Busan
Busan Medical Center Heliport Busan
Byeollangeum Helipad Byeollangeum
C 102 Heliport
C 106 Heliport Incheon
C 109 Heliport TAC Site 34
C 116 Heliport Camp Custer North
C 120 Heliport
C 123 Heliport DMZ Service Center
C 126 Heliport Nopeuneumjari
C 132 Heliport Sami
C 135 Heliport
C 136 Heliport Tongil-ro
C 137 Heliport
RKSF C 143 Heliport Beoman-Ro, Doksan-Dong
C 145 Heliport Suin-ro, Maehwa-dong
C 147 Heliport Meonugeum-ro
C 150 Heliport HQ Capital Corps
C 151 Heliport ROK 30th Division
C 153 Heliport
C 157 Heliport ROK 1st Corps
C 158 Heliport
C 161 Heliport Kwang Tan
C 168 Heliport
C 171 Heliport Camp Custer South
C 176 Heliport
C 181Heliport
C 182 Heliport
C 183 Heliport Gyodongdo
C 184 Heliport Boreumdo-ri, Boreumdo
C 186 Heliport Mal-to Island
C 187 Heliport Ildong-ro
C 188 Heliport Nosang-ri
C 190 Heliport Irwolbong
C 191 Heliport
C 192 Heliport
C 193 Heliport Oebalsan-dong, Seoul
C 194 Heliport (Closed) Hyoseong-dong, Incheon
C 195 Heliport Sandan-ro
C 201 Heliport Saemaeul-ro
C 202 Heliport
C 232 Heliport
C 233 Heliport
C 240 Heliport Sanghyeon-dong
C 241 Heliport Hwahrap-ro
C 242 Heliport Umyeon-dong
C 243 Heliport
C 245 Heliport
C 249 Heliport Hageum-ro
C 250 Heliport
C 253 Heliport
C 257 Heliport
C 258 Heliport Hyuam-ro
C 259 Heliport Baegui-ro
C 260 Heliport Bugwon-ro
RKXX C 265 Heliport Topyonri
C 271 Heliport Geoyeo-dong, Seoul
C 281 Heliport Yetgol-ro
C 285 Heliport Mani-ro
C 286 Heliport Eunhaeng-dong
C 288 Heliport Ojeon-ri
C 289 Heliport
C 316 Heliport Sinsul
C 325 Heliport
C 327 Heliport ROK 5th Division, Sinnae
C 329 Heliport Hahwagye-ri
C 331 Heliport Maekguk
C 335 Heliport Yeongseo-ro
C 400 Heliport Bugwon-ro, Wonju
C 406 Heliport Hyeon-ri
C 412 Heliport Surobuin
C 415 Heliport Hojeo-ro
C 424 Heliport Dangu-ro, Wonju
C 425 Heliport Girin-Myeon
C 426 Heliport Ahopsari-ro
C 428 Heliport ROK 12th Division
C 429 Heliport Jukgok-ri
C 431 Heliport Beomil-ro
C 432 Heliport Banam-ri
C 433 Heliport Worunjeongan
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