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ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
2/38th INF US Army Heliport Neulno-ri
2001 Fashion & Life Store Heliport Seoul
21 Century City Building Heliport Busan
377th Medical Company (AA) Dustoff - Flight Line Camp Mosier
53rd ROK Army Division 125th Regiment Heliport Busan (Yeoung-do)
53rd ROK Army Division Heliport Haeundae (Busan)
7 Springs Building Heliport Seoul
Academy Sweet Apartments Heliport Seoul
Academy Tower Heliport Seoul
Academy Tower Heliport Seoul
Ace High Tech 21 Heliport Busan
Ace High-End Tower 2 Heliport Seoul
Ace High-End Tower 3 Heliport Seoul
Ace High-End Tower 6 Heliport Seoul
Ace High-End Tower 8 Heliport Seoul
Ace High-End Tower Heliport Seoul
Ace Hi-Tech City Heliport Seoul
Ace Techno Tower Heliport Seoul
Ace Techno Tower V Heliport Seoul
Ace Tower Heliport Seoul
Acro Square Apartments Heliport Seoul
Acroriver Apartment Complex Heliports Seoul
Acrovista Building Heliport Seoul
Acrovista C Building Heliport Seoul
Ahyitieseu Engineering Heliport Seoul
Alddreu Airfield (K-40) (Cheju-do No. 2)
Alianz Life Marketing Building Heliport Seoul
Alianz Tower Building Heliport Daegu
Amjeong-ri Artillery Base Heliport Amjeong-ri
Amnangongwon-ro Heliport Busan
Andong General Hospital Andong
Anhyeon-dong HAWK SAM Site Heliport Gangneung
RKSA Ascom City/a-102
Asea Tower Heliport Seoul
ASEM Tower Heliport Seoul
Axel Towers Apartments Heliports Busan
Baekui-Ri (G-228) Airfield Gososeong-ri
Baengnyeong-ri Helipad Baengnyeong-ri
Bagdallyeong Heliport Ojeon-ri
Banam-ri ROK Army Base Heliport Goseong-gun
Bando Bora Skyview Apartments Heliports Busan
Bangtong-ri Helipad Bangtong-ri
Bank of Communications Heliport Seoul
Bank of Korea Building Heliport Seoul
Banpo Xi Apartments Heliports Seoul
Barami Heliport Barami, Andong
Benecity Apartment Complex Heliports Busan
Bia-ri East Helipad Bia-ri
Bia-ri Helipad Bia-ri
Bia-ri South Helipad Bia-ri
Bongamri (C 263) Heliport Bongam-ri
Bongyoung Green Town 3rd Apartment Heliport Seoul
Boo Young II Apartment Heliport Seoul
Boram Thayer Apartments Heliport Busan
Boramae Hyundai Apartments Heliport Seoul
Boramae Samsung Chereville Heliport Seoul
Boramae Woosung Apartments Heliport Seoul
Boutique Monaco Building Heliport Seoul
Brahmin LH Apartments Heliports Busan
Brooklyn Hill Heliport (H-810)
Brown Stone Apartments Heliport Seoul
Brown Suites Hotel Heliports Seoul
Buam 3(sam)-dong East Heliport Busan
Buam 3(sam)-dong West Heliport Busan
RKRB Bucheon (G-103) Airfield Ilsin-Ro
Budo Heliport Budo Island
Bugok-dong Prugio Apartments Heliports Busan
RKSP Bukpo-ri Heliport Bukpo-ri, Baengnyeongdo
Bulguksa Heliport Jinhyeon-dong
Bumil Station Irum Apartments Heliport Busan
Bunam-ri Heliport Bunam-ri
Busan (Jakjeon) Naval Base Heliport Yongho-dong, Nam-Gu, Busan
Busan Astar Apartments Heliport Busan
Busan Coast Guard Base Heliport Busan (Yeoung-do)
Busan Dadae Jugong 2 Apartment Complex Heliports Busan
Busan Employment Center Heliport Busan
RKPP Busan Heliport (Closed) Busan
Busan Hotel Heliport Busan
Busan International Finance Center (BIFC) Heliport Busan
Busan Jangan East Rest Area Helipad Busan
Busan Jangan West Rest Area Helipad Busan
Busan Medical Center Heliport Busan
Busan Metroplitan City Hall Heliport Busan
Busan Metrpolitan Police Agency Heliport Busan
Busan Myeongnyun IPark Heliports Busan
Busan National University Hospital Heliports Busan
Busan Pier 8 Heliport Busan
Busan Transportation Corporation Heliport Busan
Busanjin-gu Office Heliport Busan
Busoebong Helipad Hyeol-dong
BYC High City Heliport Seoul
Byeoksan Digital Valley 2nd Heliport Seoul
Byeoksan Digital Valley V Heliport Seoul
Byeollangeum Helipad Byeollangeum
Byuksan Digital Valley VI Heliport Seoul
C 102 Heliport
C 106 Heliport Incheon
C 107 Munhak Heliport Munhak (Incheon)
C 109 Heliport TAC Site 34
C 114 Heliport McDonald Barracks
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