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Airports Asia Korea, North


ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
Ayang Ni Highway Strip
Changjin Air Force Base Changjin
Changyon Highway Strip Airstrip Changyon
Chik-Tong Airstrip Koksan
Ch'o do Airport Ch'o do
Chongjin Airport (Closed) Chongjin
HAE Haeju Airfield Haeju
Hoeyang Southeast Airfield Hoeyang
Hwangju Airbase Hwangju
Hwangsuwon Airbase Kimhyonggwon
Hwangsuwon Highway Strip Airstrip Hwangsuwon
Hyangsan Airport Hyangsan
Hyangsan Heliport Hyangsan
Hyesan Airport Hyesan
Hyon-Ni Airport Hoeyang
Ichon Airport Ichon
Ichon Northeast Airport Ichon
Ihyon Airstrip Sinwon
Ihyon Ni Highway Strip Airfield Ihyon Ni
Kaechon Airport Kaechon
Kang Da Ri Airport Wonsan
Kang Da Ri Highway Airstrip
Kang Da Ri Highway Strip Wonsan
Kangdong Airport Kangdong
Kanjin (Rajin) Heliport Kanjin (Rajin)
Kilchu Highway Airport
ZKKC Kimchaek
Kojo Highway Strip Airfield Kojo
Koksan 2 Highway Strip Koksan
Koksan Air Base Koksan
Koksan Highway Airport Koksan
Koksan South 2 Highway Airstrip
Kuktong Airport Myonggan
Kumgang Airfield Kumgang
Kuum-Ni Airport Tongchon
Kwail Air Base Kwail
Kwaksan Air Base Kwaksan
Kyongsong-Chuul Airport Kyongsong
Maengsan Airport Maengsan
Manpo Airport Manpo
Masikryong Ski Resort Heliport Masikryong
Mirim Airbase (Closed) Pyongyang (Sadong)
Mirim Aviation Club Pyongyang (Sadong)
Nuchon Ni Airfield Nuchon Ni
Nuchon Ni Highway Strip Nuchon Ni
Okpyong Ni Highway Strip Airstrip Okpyong-Ni
Okryu Childrens’ Hospital Heliport Pyongyang
Onchon Air Base Onchon
Onchon Underground Fighter Base Onchon
Ongjin Airport Ongjin
ZKHM RGO Orang (Chongjin) Airport Hoemun-Ri
P’yongnyung-Ni Helicopter Base Cheagun-dong
Paegam Airstrip Paegam
Panghyon Airport Kusong
Panghyon Highway Strip 2 Panghyon
Panghyon South Highway Strip Panghyon
Pukch’ang Airbase East Heliport Pukch’ang
ZKPN Pukchang Air Base Sunchon
Pyong Ni South Highway Strip Pyong Ni
Pyong Ni West Highway Strip Airstrip Pyong Ni
Pyongsul Li Airstrip Pyongsul Li
Pyongyang City Heliport (K-24) Pyongyang
Pyongyang Elite Airfield (Closed) Pyongyang
ZKKK Pyongyang Kim Il Sung Square West Pyongyang
ZKPY FNJ Pyongyang Sunan International Airport Pyongyang
Riwon Airbase Riwon-Gun
ZKSE YJS Samjiyŏn Airport Samjiyŏn
Sangwon 2 Highway Strip Airfield Sangwon
Sangwon Highway Strip Sangwon
Sangwon Ni Highway Strip Sangwon Ni
Sinanju Highway Strip Anju
Sinhung Highway Strip Sinhung
Sinuiju Airport Sinuiju
Sinuiju Elite Area Heliport Sinuiju
Sohung Highway Strip Airfield Sohung
Sohung South Airport Sohung
Sonchon Airport Sonchon
ZKSD DSO Sondok Airport Sŏndŏng-Ni
Sunan-Up North Highway Strip Airfield Sunan-Up
ZKSC Sunchon Air Base Sunchon
Sungam ni Airport Chongjin
Taebukpo Ri Airport
Taechon Airport Taechon
Taechon Northwest Airport Taechon
T'aet'an-Pihaengjang Airport Taetan
Tanchon South Airstrip Tanchon
Toha Ri North Airport Toha Ri
Toksan Air Base Tŏksan-Dong
ZKUJ UJU Uiju Airport Uiju
Unchon Up Airport Unchon Up
Uthachi Highway Strip Airport Pyongyang (Ryokpo)
Wong Yo Ri Highway Strip Hwasong-Ni
Wonsan Elite Airport (Closed) Wonsan
ZKWS WOS Wonsan Kalma International Airport Wonsan
Yo-do Airstrip Yo-do Island
Yong Hung Highway Airstrip Phungsong-Ri
Yong Hung Highway Reserve Strip Airfield Yong Hung
Yonpo Air Base Hamhung
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