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Airports Asia Kazakhstan


ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
Abay Bazar Airport Abay
Aitbuzum East Airport Aitbuzum
Akchatau Airport Akchatau
Akkala Airport Aksuat
UATE SCO Aktau Airport Aktau
UATT AKX Aktobe Airport Aktyubinsk
UAAA ALA Almaty Airport Almaty
Almaty North Airport Almaty
UATA Aralsk Airport Aralsk
UAUR AYK Arkalyk North Airport Arkalyk
Arys Northeast Airport Arys
UACC TSE Astana International Airport Astana
ATX Atbasar Airport Atbasar
UATG GUW Atyrau Airport Atyrau
UASA Ayaguz Airport Ayaguz
Badam Airport Badam
UAAH BXH Balkhash Airport Balkhash
Beyneu Airport Beyneu
Blagoveshchenskoye-Chu Airport Aksu
Blinkovo Airport Blinkovo
UAAR BXJ Boralday Airport Aima Ata
Bugun Airport Bugun
Burynshik Airport Burynshik
Burynshik Southeast Airport Burynshik
Buzachi Airport Kuttay
XAAM Cambala Airport Priozersk
Chardara Airport Shardara
Charyn Airfield Charyn
UATR Chelkar Airport Chelkar
Chikment / Khatynkopir Airport Chikment / Khatynkopir
Chilik Southeast Airfield Chilik
Chimkent/Sayram Airport Sayram
Chubarovka Airport Chubarovka
Dolon Air Base Semey
Dzhetygara Airport Dzhetygara
UASB EKB Ekibastuz Airport Ekibastuz
Gora Sasyrly Airport Dzhambul
Gurvey Northeast Airport Gurvey
Iliysk North Airport Iliysk
Jeppesen Avia Club Airport Bakbakty
Karabulak Airport Karabulak
Karaganda Southeast Airport Karaganda
Karaganda Southwest Airport Karaganda
Karazhal Airport Karahzal
Kegan Airport Kegen
Kentau Airport Kentau
Kokchetav Airport Kokchetav
Kokchetav Trofimovka
UACK KOV Kokshetau Airport Kokshetau
Koktas Airport Koktas
Koktas Southwest Airport Koktas
Kok-Tyube Airport Kok_Tyube
Kostanay Airport Kostanay
UAUU KSN Kostanay West Airport Kostanay
UAOL BXY Krainiy Airport Baikonur
Krasnyy Most East Airport Krasnyy Most
Kurchatov Airfield Kurchatov
Kyzylasker Airport Kyzylasker
Kyzylkishlak Airport Kyzylkishlak
Kzyl-Orda Airport Kzyl-Orda
UAOO KZO Kzyl-Orda Southwest Airport Kzyl-Orda
XAAL Lugovoy Airport Lugovoy
Moinkum Airport Moinkum
Narynkol Airport Narynkol
Novotroitskoye Airport Novotroitskoye
Novotroitskoye Airport Novotroitskoye
Obruchevka Airport Obruchevka
UASP PWQ Pavlodar Airport Pavlodar
Pervomoyevka Airport Pervomoyevka
Petropavlosk North Airport Petropavlosk
UACP PPK Petropavlosk South Airport Petropavlosk
Podgorny Airport Podgorny
Rodnikovskiy Airport Rodnikovskiy
Sarkand Airport Sarkand
Sary Agach Airport Sary Agach
HRC Sary Su Airport Zhayrem
UAKK KGF Sary-Arka Airport Karaganda
UASS PLX Semipalatinsk Airport Semey
Shagyr Airport Shagyr
Shelpe Southeast Airport Shelpe
UAII CIT Shymkent Airport Shymkent
UACS Stepnogorsk Airport Stepnogorsk
Stepnoye East Airport Ak Dzhar
Stepnoye West Airport Ak Dzhar
Syugaty Airport Syugati
Taganassay Airport Taganassay
UAAT TDK Taldykorgan Airport Taldy Kurgan
Tamerlanovka Airport Tamerlannovka
UADD DMB Taraz Airport Taraz
Tco Tengiz
Togyzbay Airport Togyzbay
UAUT Turgay Airport Turgay
UAJT Turkestan Airport Turkestan
UARR URA Uralsk Airport Uralsk
Uralsk West Airport Uralsk
UASU UZR Urzhar Airport Urzhar
Ush Tobe Airport Vostochnyy
UAAL Usharal Airport Usharal
UASK UKK Ust-Kamennogorsk Airport Ust Kamenogorsk
Uzen Airport Uzen
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