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ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
1-chome-2-1 Tomobuchicho Helipad Osaka
4-1 Hakubaicho Helipad Takatsuki
RJYK 5af/Wsu
5-chome-3-1 Ohashicho Helipad Kobe
6-chome-2-14 Kaigandori Helipad Kobe
A City Towers East Helipad Hiroshima
A City Towers West Helipad Hiroshima
Abashiri Fire Department South Station Heliport Abashiri
Abeno Grantour Helipad Osaka
Abeno Harukas Helipad Osaka
Abeno Lucias Helipad Osaka
Abukuma Flying Club Airstrip Date
Acresty Minamisenju Helipad Arakawa, Tokyo
Acros Shin-Osaka Helipad Osaka
ACS Heliport Anjo
Actopia Kita-Akabane Building 4 Helipad Kita, Tokyo
Acty Shiodome Helipad Minato, Tokyo
Adachi Ward Office Helipad Adachi, Tokyo
Adenium Tower East Umeda Square Helipad Osaka
Aeon Tower Annex Helipad Chiba
Aeon Tower Helipad Chiba
Agawa Skypark Gliderport Niyodogawa
Agora Shizuoka Helipad Shizuoka
RORA AGJ Aguni Airport Aguni
Aichi Children's Health and Medical Center Heliport Obu
Aichi Credit Guarantee Association Helipad Nagoya
Aichi Medical University Hospital Helipiort Nagakute
Aichi Medical University Hospital Rooftop Helipad Nagakute
Aichi Prefectural Police Heliport Nagoya
Aichi Prefecture Self Government Center Helipad Nagoya
Aichi University Nagoya Campus Helipad Nagoya
Aidomari (Oshima) Heliport Matsumae
Aikoku Heliport Kushiro
Aikoku Kushiro Airfield (Closed) Kushiro
Ainagata Heliport Senboku
Ainomine Heliport Kumakogen
Ainoshima Heliport Kitakyushu
Ainotani Heliport Niyodogawa
Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Midosuji Building Helipad Osaka
Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Nagoya Meieki Building Helipad Nagoya
Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Phoenix Tower Helipad Osaka
Air Residence Shin-Urayasu East Helipad Urayasu
Air Residence Shin-Urayasu West Helipad Urayasu
Air Wing Motor Paraglider School Osato Landing Area Kumagaya
Aisai Heliport Aisai
Aizawa Hospital Heliport Matsumoto
Aizu Central Heliport Aizuwakamatsu
Aizumisato Heliport Aizumisato
Aizuwakamatsu Interchange Heliport Aizuwakamatsu
Ajicho Helipad Ajicho
Ajinomoto Group Osaka Building Helipad Osaka
Akabira Sky Sports Airport Akabira
Akada Heliport Oi
Akadake Kosen Heliport Chino
Akagi Helicopter Yoshino Base Higashiyoshino
Akagi Heliport Shingu
Akagiyama Relay Station Heliport Maebashi
Akajima Heliport Zamami
Akamatsu Heliport Minami
Akasaka Civic Center Helipad Minato, Tokyo
Akasaka Garden City Building Helipad Minato, Tokyo
Akasaka Intercity AIR Helipad Minato, Tokyo
Akasaka Intercity Helipad Minato, Tokyo
Akasaka Park Building Helipad Minato, Tokyo
Akasaka Press Center (Hardy Barracks) Heliport Minato, Tokyo
Akasaka Tower Residence Top of the Hill Heliport Chiyoda, Tokyo
Akasaki Heliport Sasebo
Akashi Kawasaki Heliport Akashi
Akeno Auxiliary Airfield Chikusei
Aki General Hospital Helipad Aki
Akigase Heliport Saitama
Akihabara Daibiru Building Helipad Chiyoda, Tokyo
Akihabara UDX Building Helipad Chiyoda, Tokyo
RJSK AXT Akita Airport Akita
Akita Cerebrospinal and Cardiovascular Center Heliport Akita
Akita Kosei Medical Center Heliport Akita
Akita University Hospital Heliport Akita
Akitakata Fire Heliport Akitakata
Akiyama Heliport Uenohara
Akusekijima Heliport Toshima
Algrad Tower Shinsaibashi Heliport Osaka
Aloft Osaka Dojima Helipad Osaka
Alpen Marunouchi Tower Helipad Nagoya
Ama Municipal Heliport Ama
Amagasaki General Medical Center Heliport Amagasaki
RJDA AXJ Amakusa Airport Amakusa
RJKA ASJ Amami Airport Amami
Amatsubo Heliport Otoyo
Amaya Emergency Heliport Matsuyama
Amehata Heliport Hayakawa
Amikake Tunnel East Entrance Helipad Achi
Anjo Kosei Hospital Ground Helipad Anjo
Anjo Kosei Hospital Rooftop Helipad Anjo
Anjo-misaki Community Park Emergency Heliport Nishiizu
Anou Service Area Heliport Tsu
Aoba-dori Plaza Helipad Sendai
Aogashima Heliport Aogashima
Aoi Tower Helipad Shizuoka
Aokimura Furusato Park Heliport Aoki
Aomi Frontier Building Helipad Koto, Tokyo
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