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ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
LL1B Arad Airport Arad, Ha Darom
Assuta Helipad Ashdod, Ha Darom
OJJR JRS Atarot (Kalandia, Jerusalem) Jerusalem
LLMZ MTZ Bar Yehuda Airfield Masada, Ha Darom
LLBS BEV Beersheba (Teyman) Airport Beersheba, Ha Darom
LLBG TLV Ben Gurion International Airport Tel Aviv, Ha Merkaz
Dalton , Ha Zafon
Dimona Airport Dimona, Ha Darom
LLET ETH Eilat Airport (Closed) Eilat, Ha Darom
LLES Ein Shemer Airfield Ein Shemer, Haifa
Ein Vered Airfield Lev haSharon, Ha Merkaz
LLEY EIY Ein Yahav Airfield Sapir, Ha Darom
LLFK Fiq Airfield Katzrin, Golan
LLAZ Gush Katif (Closed) Gush Katif
Gvulot Airstrip Gvulot, Ha Darom
LLBO Habonim Airfield Habonim, Haifa
LLHD Hadassah Ein Kerem Heliport Jerusalem, Jerusalem
Hadassah Heliport West Jerusalem
LLHA HFA Haifa International Airport Haifa, Haifa
LLHB Hatzerim Air Base Beersheba, Ha Darom
Hatzerim Northwest Airport Beersheba, Ha Darom
LLHS Hatzor Air Base Hatzor, Ha Darom
LLHZ Herzliya Airport Herzliya, Tel Aviv
LLHY Hillel Yaffe Hadera, Haifa
LLJR Jerusalem Jerusalem
LLAZ Katif Gush-Katif
Kedma Airport Kedma, Ha Darom
Kefar Gallim Highway Strip , Haifa
LLKS KSW Kiryat Shmona Airport Kiryat Shmona, Ha Zafon
LLKZ Kzeiot Airport Nitzana, Ha Darom
LLMG Megiddo Airport Afula, Ha Zafon
Meir Medical Center Helipad Kefar Sava, Ha Merkaz
Mishmar Ayalon Highway Strip H Kfar Shmu'el, Ha Merkaz
LLMR MIP Mitzpe Ramon Airfield Mitzpe Ramon, Ha Darom
Mount Hermon Helipad Mount Hermon (disputed territo, Golan
Naan Airstrip Azaria, Ha Merkaz
LLNV VTM Nevatim Air Base Beersheba, Ha Darom
LLOV VDA Ovda Airport Eilat, Ha Darom
LL59 Palmahim Air Base Palmahim, Ha Merkaz
Palmahim South Airstrip Palmahim, Ha Darom
LLPO Poriya Medical Center , Ha Zafon
LLBL Rabin Medical Center (Beilinson) Petah Tikva, Ha Merkaz
RAF Petah Tikva (Closed) , Ha Merkaz
LLRD Ramat David Air Base Haifa, Ha Zafon
LLRB Rambam Heliport Haifa, Haifa
LLRM MIP Ramon Air Base Beersheba, Ha Darom
LLER ETM Ramon International Airport Eilat, Ha Darom
LLRS Rishon Lezion Airfield Rishon Lezion, Ha Merkaz
LLIB RPN Rosh Pina Airport Rosh Pina, Ha Zafon
LLSD SDV Sde Dov Airport (Closed) Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv
LLSM Sheba (Tel HaShomer) Medical Center Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv
LLSR BEV Soroka Medical Center Heliport Beersheba, Ha Darom
LLIC Sourasky (Ichilov) Medical Center Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv
Talmei Yosef Airstrip Talmei Yosef, Ha Darom
LLEK Tel Nof Air Base Rehovot, Ha Merkaz
LLTN Tnuvot Ultralight Airfield Tnuvot, Ha Merkaz
LLYT YOT Yotvata Airfield Yotvata, Ha Darom
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