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Airports Asia Iran


ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
OIAA ABD Abadan Airport Abadan
OICD Abdanan Airport Abdanan
OIBA AEU Abu Musa Island Airport Abu Musa
OIAG AKW Aghajari Airport Aghajari
Ahmadi Military Air Field Ahmadi
OIAW AWZ Ahwaz Airport Ahwaz
OICZ Aligoodarz Airport
OINA Amol Airport
OIHR AJK Arak Airport Araak
OITL ADU Ardabil Airport Ardabil
OIBI YEH Asaloyeh Airport (Closed) Asaloyeh
OINB BBL Babolsar Airport Babolsar
OIFP Badr Air Base Esfahan
OIYB Bafgh Airport Bafgh
OIKF Baft Airport
IAQ Bahregan Airport Bahregan
OIKM BXR Bam Airport Bam
OIKB BND Bandar Abbas International Airport Bandar Abbas
OIBL BDH Bandar Lengeh Airport Bandar Lengeh
OICB Baneh Airport Baneh
OIBH Bastak Airport Bastak
OIAE Behbahan Airport Behbahan
Behbehan Northwest Airport
OINH Behshahr Airport
OIMB XBJ Birjand Airport Birjand
OINJ BSM Bishe Kola Air Base Amol
OIMN BJB Bojnord Airport Bojnord
OIBN Borazjan Airport Borazjan
OIBB BUZ Bushehr Airport Bushehr
OIIU Damghan Airport
OISD Darab Airport Darab
Darrahi Military Air Field Sadabad
OINZ SRY Dasht-E Naz Airport Sari
OIAD DEF Dezful Airport Dezful
OIID Doshan Tappeh Air Base Tehran
Ella North Airport Langar
Esfahan East Airport
OIFM IFN Esfahan Shahid Beheshti International Airport Isfahan
OIIB OIIB OIIB Eyvanekey Airport Eyvanekey, Semna
OISF FAZ Fasa Airport Fasa
Firuzabad Airport Firouzabad
OIAH GCH Gachsaran Airport Gachsaran
Garmcar SW Airport Garmcar
OINI Ghaem Shahr Airport Ghaem Shahr
OIIG Ghale Morghi Airport Tehran
OICG Ghasre-Shirin Airport Ghasre-Shirin
OIIA Ghazvin Azadi Airport Qazvin (Ghazvin)
OIIQ Ghom Airport Ghom
OIMD Gonabad Airport Gonabad
Gonbad Ghabus Airport Gonbad-E Qabus
OING GBT Gorgan Airport Gorgan
Gorreh Airport Gorreh
OIHS Hamadan Air Base Hamadan
OIHH HDM Hamadan Airport Hamadan
OIKP HDR Havadarya Airport Havadarya
OIFE IFH Hesa Airport Hesa
OICI IIL Ilam Airport Ilam
OIIE IKA Imam Khomeini International Airport Tehran
OIZI IHR Iran Shahr Airport Iranshahr
OISJ JAR Jahrom Airport Jahrom
OIBJ KNR Jam Airport Kangan
OIZJ JSK Jask Airport Jask
OIKJ JYR Jiroft Airport Jiroft
OINE KLM Kalaleh Airport Kalaleh
OIIF Karaj / Fath Karaj
OIFK KKS Kashan Airport Kashan
OIMQ Kashmar Razavi Khorasan
OIKK KER Kerman Airport Kerman
OITH KHA Khaneh Airport Khaneh
Khar Rud Airport Khar Rud
OIBQ KHK Khark Island Airport Kharg Island
Khāsh Airport
OICK KHD Khoram Abad Airport Khorramabad
OITK KHY Khoy Airport Khoy
OIBK KIH Kish International Airport Kish Island
OIZC ZBR Konarak Airport Chabahar
OIIC Kushke Nosrat Airport Manzariyeh
OISR LFM Lamerd Airport Lamerd
OISL LRR Lar Airport Lar
OIBV LVP Lavan Island Airport Lavan Island
OINM Mahmood Abad Airport Mahmood Abad
Mahmudabad Airport
OIAM MRX Mahshahr Airport Mahshahr
OITU IMQ Maku National Airport Showt
OIHM Malayer Airport Malayer
Mansurabad North Airport
OIMM MHD Mashhad International Airport Mashhad
OIII THR Mehrabad International Airport Tehran
Mehtar Kalateh Airport Mehtar Kalateh
Nain Air Base Nain
Nain Military Airport
OIIM Naja Airport Karaj
NUJ Nojeh Nojeh
OISA North of Fars Airport Abadeh/Eghlid
OINN NSH Noshahr Airport Noshahr
OIAJ OMI Omidiyeh Airport Omidiyeh
OITP PFQ Parsabade Moghan Airport Parsabad
OIIP PYK Payam International Airport Karaj
OIBP PGU Persian Gulf International Airport Asalouyeh
OIIK GZW Qazvin Airport Qazvin
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