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ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
VAAV Aamby Valley Airport Aamby Valley City
ABM Junior College Heliport Ongole
Abohar Heliport Abohar
Abu Road Airport
ACC Heliport Lalbarra
ACC&S Heliport Ahmednagar
VIAX AIP Adampur Airport Adampur
Adilabad Heliport Adilabad
Adiudupi Heliport Adiudupi
Aerial Bay Heliport Diglipur
VEAT IXA Agartala - Maharaja Bir Bikram Airport Agartala
VOAT AGX Agatti Airport Agatti
VIAG AGR Agra Airport / Agra Air Force Station Agra
Agra Heliport Hingot Kheria
Ahmednagar Police Heliport Ahmednagar
Air 16 Heliport Chedilpakkam
Ajog Heliport Ajog
Akbarpur Mahamaya Rajkiya Airport Akbarpur
Akli Airport Akli
VAAK AKD Akola Airport Akola
Alappuzha Heliport Alappuzha
VEAN IXV Along Airport Along
Amaravati Heliport Amaravati
VIAM Ambala Air Force Station Ambala
Amini Helipad Amini
Amla Airport Amla
Amravati (Belora) Airstrip Amravati
Amreli Airport Amreli
Amrita Heliport Ernakulam
Anachal Heliport / Southern Skies Balloonport Anachal
QNB Anand Airport Anand
Anaparthi Heliport Anaparthi
Andhau Airfield Biraich
Andrott Heliport Andrott
Anna Stadium Heliport Cuddalore
Annadale Helipad Shimla
Areshiroor Helipad Areshiroor
Ashramam Helipad Kollam
Aster Hospital Helipad Kochi
VAAU IXU Aurangabad Airport Aurangabad
AVC Polytechnic College Heliport Mannampandal
Aviation Research Centre Raw Headquarters Helipad Chakrata
VIAW Awantipura Air Force Station Awantipura
Ayiranalloor Heliport Ayiranalloor
Bagalkot Heliport Bagalkot
VEBD IXB Bagdogra Airport Siliguri
VIBL Bakshi Ka Talab Air Force Station Lucknow
VOKP Baldota Koppal Aerodrome Basapur
Baljek Airport
VEBG RGH Balurghat Airport Balurghat
Bamnipal Heliport Bamnipal
Band Tal Airport
Bangaram Heliport Bangaram
VIBH Banihal
Banswara Airport
Baramati Airport Pune
VEBL Barbil Tonto Airstrip Bhusugaon
VIBY BEK Bareilly Air Force Station Bareilly
BEK Bareli Bareli
VEPI Barrackpore Air Force Station Barrackpore
VORG RMD Basanth Nagar Airport Ramagundam
Beas Airport Bhaini
VOHY BPM Begumpet Airport Hyderabad
VEBA Behala Airport Behala
VOBM IXG Belagavi Airport Belgaum
VOBI BEP Bellary Airport Bellary
Bentayan Airport Ujjain
Benti Airstrip Benti
VEBM Berhampur Airport Berhampur (Brahmapur)
Bhainsdehi Helipad Bhainsdehi
VIBT BUP Bhatinda Air Force Station Bhatinda
VABV BHU Bhavnagar Airport Bhavnagar
Bhilai Airport
Bhilwara Airport
VIBW Bhiwani Airport Bhiwani
Bhokardan Heliport Bhokardan
VABJ BHJ Bhuj Airport Bhuj
VOBR IXX Bidar Airport / Bidar Air Force Station Bidar
Bihta Air Force Station Patna
VEBS BBI Biju Patnaik Airport Bhubaneswar
BKB Bikaner Bikaner
VEBU PAB Bilaspur Airport Bilaspur
Bilaspur Helipad Bilaspur
Birasal Airport Rahani
Birlagram Airport
VERC IXR Birsa Munda Airport Ranchi
VAGD GDB Birsi Airport Gondia
Bithal Heliport Shimla
Bitra Heliport Bitra
BKT Heliport Narayannagar
VEBK Bokaro Airport Bokaro
Boleng Heliport Boleng
Bolgatty / Lulu Grand Hyatt Heliport Ernakulam
Buragam Heliport Buragam
Burhar Airport
Burnpur Airport
Butcher Island Helipad Mumbai
VOCL CCJ Calicut International Airport Calicut
VOBX Campbell Bay Airport / Ins Baaz Campbell Bay
VOCX CBD Car Nicobar Air Force Base Iaf Camp
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