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Airports Asia Azerbaijan


ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
UBEA Agdam Airport (Closed) Agdam
Agdash Airport (Closed) Agdash
UBEY Agjabedi Airport Agjabedi
UBBA Akstafa Airport Akstafa
Baku Heliport Baku
Baku Kala Air Base Baku
UBLL Baku Lökbatan Airport Lökbatan
Balakan Airport Balakan
Bygyr Airport
UBBC Çilov Heliport Çilov
Dollyar Air Base Dollyar
UBBF FZL Fuzuli International Airport Fuzuli
UBBQ GBB Gabala International Airport Gabala
UBBG GNJ Ganja International Airport Ganja
UBBM Hajigabul Kazı Magomed Airport Hajigabul
UBBB GYD Heydar Aliyev International Airport Baku
UBBH Khachmaz Airport Khachmaz
UBBS Khojaly Airport Khojaly
Kyurdamir Air Base Kyurdamir
UBBL LLK Lankaran International Airport Lankaran
Mollakend Airport Mollakend
UBEN Naftalan Airport Naftalan
UBBN NAJ Nakhchivan Airport Nakhchivan
UBBI Nasosnaya Air Base Nasosnaya
UBBP Pirallahı Heliport Pirallahı
Pirsagat Airport Pirsaat
Qarachala Airport Chadirli
Qizilagach Air Base Qizilagach
Sadarak Army Border Post Helipad Sadarak
Salyan Air Base Salyan
Sangachal Oil Terminal Heliport Sangachal
Sangachaly Air Base Sangachal
UBEI Shaki Airport Shaki
Sitalchay Airbase Sitalchay
Tanrykulular Airport
UBEE YLV Yevlakh Airport Yevlakh
UBTT ZXT Zabrat Airport Baku
UBBZ ZZE Zangilan International Airport Zangilan
UBBY ZTU Zaqatala International Airport Zaqatala
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