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Airports Asia Afghanistan


ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
Ajrestan Airport Ajrestan
OAAK Andkhoi Airport Andkhoi
OAAS Asmar
OABG Baghlan-Farm
OAIX OAI Bagram Air Base Bagram
OABN BIN Bamiyan Airport Bamiyan
OABD Behsood
OABT BST Bost Airport Bost
OAZI OAZ Camp Bastion Airport Camp Bastion
OADY DWR Camp Dwyer Garmsir District
OACC CCN Chakcharan Airport Chakcharan
Charikar Airport
OADZ DAZ Darwaz Airport Darwaz
Dehdadi Airport
OAOO Deshoo
Dostmohammadkhan Kalay Airport
DWR Dywer Airbase Camp Dwyer
OAEM Eshkashem Airport Eshkashem
OAFR FAH Farah Airport Farah
OAFZ FBD Fayzabad Airport Fayzabad
Fob Sharana Sharan
OAGZ GRG Gardez Airport Gardez
OAGA Ghaziabad
OAGN GZI Ghazni Airport Ghazni
OAGM Ghelmeen
OAGL Gulistan
OAHJ Hajigak
OAKB KBL Hamid Karzai International Airport Kabul
Helmand Airport
OAHR HEA Herat Airport Herat
OAEQ Islam-Qala
OAJS Jabul-Saraj
OAJL JAA Jalalabad Airport Jalalabad
OAJG Joghari Airport Joghari
OAKJ Kajaki
OAKT Kalat
OAKR Kaldar
OAKN KDH Kandahar Airport Kandahar
OAEK Keshm
OAKG Khojaghar Airport Khojaghar
OAKS KHT Khost Chapman Airport Khost
Khost International Airport (U.C.) Khost
Khvej Ghar North Airport
Khvej Ghar South Airport
OAHN KWH Khwahan Airport Khwahan
OAUZ UND Konduz Airport Kunduz
Kotubkhel Airport
OAQM Kron Monajn Airport Kron Monajn
OALN Laghman
OALL Lal (Sarjangal) Airport
OALG Logar Airport
OAMN MMZ Maimana Airport Maimama
Marnah Ghar Heliport
OAMS MZR Mazar I Sharif Airport Mazar-I-Sharif
OAMK Mukur Airport
Nayak Airport
OANL Nili Airport
IMZ Nimroz Nimroz
OARG URZ Orūzgān Airport Orūzgān
OAPG Paghman
OAPJ Panyab Airport
OAQD Qades
OAQR Qaisar
LQN Qala Nau Qala Nau
OAQN LQN Qala-I-Naw Airport Qala-I-Naw
OAQA Qalat Qala
Qara Tepa Heliport
OAQQ Qar-Qin
OARZ KUR Razer Airport Kuran-wa-Munjan
OART Rustag Airport
OASL OLR Salerno Airport Khost
OADS SBF Sardeh Band Airport Sardeh Band
Sarhawdza Landing Zone Airport
OASB Sarobi
OASH OAA Shank Air Base Logar
OASA OAS Sharana Airstrip Sharana
Sheber Too Landing Zone Airport
OASG Sheberghan Airport Sheberghan
OASN SGA Sheghnan Airport Sheghnan
OASD OAH Shindand Airport Shindand
OATQ TQN Talolqan Airport Taloqan
TQN Taluqan Taluqan
Tapa Airport
OATN TII Tarin Kowt Airport Tarin Kowt
OATW Teh Wareh Airport
OATD Toorghodi Heliport Kara Tapa
OAOG URN Urgun Airport Urgun
OADW Wazakhaw
OAYL Yakawlang (Yakolang) Airport
OAYQ Yangi Qala Airport
OAYW Yawan Airport
OAZJ ZAJ Zaranj Airport Zaranj
OAZB Zebak
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