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Airports Antarctica Antarctica


ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
AAXX Aeródromo de Punto Rothera Rothera Point
NZFX Aeródromo Phoenix McMurdo Station
NZWD Aeródromo Williams McMurdo Station
Arctowsky Station Heliport Arctowsky Station
SAYB Base Belgrano II Airport Base Belgrano II
AQBC Boulder Clay Runway Zucchelli Station
YCSK Casey Station Skiway Casey Station
Comandante Ferraz Antarctic Station Helipad Comandante Ferraz Antarctic St
Concordia Skyway Concordia Station
Enigma Lake Skiway Zucchelli Station
SAYE Esperanza Base Fortín Sargento Cabral
SCBO General Bernardo O'Higgins Base Skyway General Bernardo O'Higgins Bas
SAWB Gustavo Marambio Airport Marambio Base
EGAH Halley Research Station Halley Research Station
NZSP Jack F. Paulus Skiway Amundsen-Scott South Pole Stat
SAYJ Jubany Airbase Carlini Base
Machu Picchu Base Helipad Machu Picchu Base
SAWZ Matienzo Airfield Matienzo Base
NZIR McMurdo Station Ice Runway (Closed) McMurdo Station
NZPG McMurdo Station Pegasus Field (Closed) McMurdo Station
Novolazarevskaya Station Queen Maud Land
SAYO Orcadas Base Heliport Laurie Island
Palmer Station Airport Palmer Station
SCPZ Patriot Hills Airport Patriot Hills Base Camp
Petrel Airport Petrel Base
EGAR Rothera Research Station Rothera Research Station
SAYS San Martín Base Airfield San Martín Base
Showa Station Skiway Showa Station
EGAT Sky Blu Airstrip Sky Blu
NZSP South Pole Station Airport Amundsen-Scott South Pole Stat
EGQA Tain Range (Closed) , Scotland
SCRM TNM Teniente Rodolfo Marsh Martin Airport Villa Las Estrellas
AT27 QET Troll Airfield Troll Station
SCGC UGL Union Glacier Blue-Ice Runway Union Glacier Camp
Vostok Skiway Vostok Station
YWKS Wilkins Runway Preston Heath
NZCM Williams Field
Wolfs Fang
Zucchelli Ice Runway Zucchelli Station
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