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Airports Africa Zimbabwe


ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
FVAB Aberdeen Airport Aberdeen
FVBB Beit Bridge Beit Bridge
Belingwe Airport Belingwe
FVBI Binga Binga
Boli Airport Boli
FVBO Bosbury Airport Bosbury
FVAE Braebourne Airport Braebourne
Bridge Camp Airstrip
FVCZ BFO Buffalo Range Chiredzi
FVBM BZH Bumi Airport Bumi
BZH Bumi Hills Bumi Hills
FVCC C.C. Strip C.C. Strip
FVCM Cam+Motor Airport Cam+Motor
FVCE Celina Airport Celina
FVCN Centenary
Chapoto Road Airstrip
FVCP Charles Prince Harare
Chete Airport
Chewonde Airport
Chewore Lodge Airstrip
Chigwell Airport Chigwell
Chikwenya Game Lodge Airstrip
FVCH CHJ Chipinge Chipinge
Chipinge Farm Airstrip
FVCD Chirundu Airport Chirundu
FVCV Chivu Airport Chivu
FVCR Chizarira Airport Chizarira
FVDA Dawsons Airport Mvurwi
FVDE Deka Airport Deka
Dorowa Airport Dorowa
FVDU Dudley Airport Dudley
FVED Eduan Airport Eduan
FVFI Filabusi Airport Filabusi
FVFG Fothergill Airport Fothergill
FVGT Gaths Mine Airport Gaths Mine
FVGO Gokwe Gokwe
Gokwe North Airport
FVGB Gombera Airport Gombera Ranch
FVGD Gwanda Airport Gwanda
FVGW Gweru Gweru
FVTL GWE Gweru Thornhill Gwert
FVHA HRE Harare Intl Harare
FVHY Hippo Valley Airport Chiredzi
FVHP Home Park Airport Home Park
Honde Valley Airport Honde Valley
Hot Springs Airport Hot Springs
Hwali Airport Hwali
FVWN WKM Hwange National Park Hwange National Park
FVWT WKI Hwange Town Hwange
FVIP Impinge Airport Impinge Ranch
FVIN Induna Bulawayo
FVYT Inyati Airport Inyati
FVIT Itafa Airport Itafa
FVBU BUQ Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo International Airport Bulawayo
Kanyemba Airport Kanyemba
FVKB KAB Kariba Intl Kariba
FVKA Karoi
FVKZ Kezi Airport Kezi
FVOT Kotwa
Kwaraguza Airport Nyanga
FVKK Kwekwe Kwekwe
Kwekwe East
Lake Kariba Airport
FVLA Langford Airport Langford
FVLG Longuiel Airport Longuiel
Lupane Airport Lupane
FVLU Lusulu Airport Lusulu
FVBL Mabalauta Airport Mabalauta
FVMF Mabikwa Mabikwa
MJW Mahenye Mahenye
FVMH MJW Mahenye Airport Gonarezhou National Park
Makado Airport Makado
Malipati Airport Malipati
FVMN Mana Pools Airport Mana Pools
Manjolo Airport
FVMA Marondera Marondera
Maronga Airport
FVMB Mashumbi Airport Mashumbi
FVMV MVZ Masvingo Intl Masvingo
Matetsi Airport Matetsi
FVMS Middle Sabi Airport Middle Sabi
FVMK Mkonono Airport Mkonono
FVKW Mkwasine Airport Mkwasine
FVML Mlibizi Airstrip Mlibizi
FVMD Mount Darwin
Mucumbura River Airport
FVMW Murewa Airport Murewa
FVMU UTA Mutare Mutare
FVGR Mutare/Grand Reef
FVMT Mutoko Mutoko
Mwanja River Airport
Mwenezi Airport Mwenezi
Nkayi Airport Nkayi
FVNY Nyanyadzi Airport Nyanyadzi
Peoza Pasi Airstrip
FVPL Plumtree Airport Plumtree
FVRA Ratelshoek Airport Ratelshoek
Renco Airport Renco
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