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ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
CGJ Chingola Chingola
FLCS Chinsali Airport Chinsali
FLCP CIP Chipata Airport Chipata
Chisamba Airport Chisamba
Chiwala Airport Chiwala
FLCC Chocha Airport Chocha
FLCH Choma Airport Choma
FLCU Chunga Airport
FLEH East Eight Airport Kapu
FLEE East Five Airport Chidulka
FLED East Four Airport Mululowera
FLEA East One Airport Bwambwa
FLEG East Seven Airport Kanshela
FLEF East Six Airport Chiwanangala
FLEC East Three Airport Luano
FLEB East Two Airport Mofu
FLHN LVI Harry Mwanga Nkumbula International Airport Livingstone
FLIK Isoka Airport Isoka
FLJK JEK Jeki Airport Lower Zambezi Natational Park
FLPO Kabompo Airport Kabompo
Kafue Airport Kafue
FLKL KLB Kalabo Airport Kalabo
FLKG Kalengwa Airport Kalengwa
FLLO Kalomo Airport Kalomo
Kamilonga Airport Kamilonga
Kamwe Airport Kamwe
Kamwe West Airport Kamwe
FLKJ Kanja Airport Kanja
FLKU Kanyau Airport Kanyau
FLKO KMZ Kaoma Airport Kaoma
Karubwe Airport Karubwe
FLKY ZKB Kasaba Bay Airport Kasaba Bay
FLKS KAA Kasama Airport Kasama
FLPA Kasempa Airport Kasempa
Kashikishi Airport Kashikishi
FLKE CGJ Kasompe Airport Chingola
Katemo Airport Katemo
FLAT Katete Airport Katete
FLKB Kawambwa Airport Kawambwa
FLKK LUN Kenneth Kaunda International Airport Lusaka
Lilayi Airport Lilayi
Liteta Airport Liteta
FLHN LVI Livingstone Livingstone
FLLV Lochinvar Airport Bwanda
Loloma Airstrip Manyinga
Luangwa Airport Luangwa
FLLA Luanshya Zambia Airport Luanshya
Lufupa Lodge Airstrip
FLLK LXU Lukulu Airport Lukulu
FLKZ Lukuzi Airport Nansolo
FLLD Lundazi Airport Lundazi
FLLC Lusaka City Airport Lusaka
FLLG Luwingu Airport Luwingu
FLMB Maamba Airport Maamba
Macha Airport Macha
Majuaneti Airport Majuaneti
FLMA MNS Mansa Airport Mansa
Maramba Aerodrome Livingstone
FLMZ Mazabuka Airport Mazabuka
FLBA MMQ Mbala Airport Mbala
FLMF MFU Mfuwe Airport Mfuwe
FLKW Milliken Airport Kabwe
FLMK Mkushi Airport Mkushi
FLMG MNR Mongu Airport Mongu
FLMO Monze Airport Monze
FLMP Mpika Airport Mpika
Mpongwe Airport Mpongwe
FLPK Mporokoso Airport Mporokoso
FLML Mufulira Airport Mufulira
Mufumbwe Airstrip ;ifi,bwe
FLMU Mulobezi Airport Mulobezi
FLMW Mwinilunga Airport Mwinilunga
Nakambala Airport Nakambala
FLNL Namwala Airport Namwala
Nega Nega Airport Nega Nega
FLNA ZGM Ngoma Airport Ngoma
FLNY Nyimba Airport Nyimba
FLPE Petauke Airport Petauke
FLRO Rosa Airport Rosa
FLRZ RYL Royal Zambesi Lodge Airstrip Mvuu Camp
FLRU Rufansa Airport Rufansa
FLSJ Sakeji Airport Sakeji
FLYA Samfya Airport Samfya
Sandwe Airport Sandwe
FLSN SXG Senanga Airport Senanga
FLSE Serenje Airport Serenje
FLSS SJQ Sesheke Airport Sesheke
FLSH Shiwa n'gandu Airport Shiwa n'gandu
Silver Rest Airport Silver Rest
FLSK NLA Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport Ndola
Simonga Airport Simonga
Sinazongwe Airport Sinasongwe
FLSW SLI Solwesi Airport Solwesi
FLSO KIW Southdowns Airport Kitwe
Stakota Airport
FLWW Waka Waka Airport Waka Waka
FLWE West Five Airport Lipanda
FLWD West Four Airport West Four
FLWA West One Airport Chinka
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