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ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
HUAJ Adjumani Airport Adjumani
HUAR RUA Arua Airport Arua
HUGG PAF Bugungu Airport Bujenje
Buhuka Airport Buhuka
Bukasa Airport Kyamuswa
Bulago Airport Mukono
HUBU Bundibugyo Airport Bundibugyo
Buseruka Airport Buseruka
Butiaba Airport Butiaba
HUOY Chobe Safari Lodge Airport Lolim
HUEN EBB Entebbe International Airport Kampala
HUFP Fort Portal Airport Fort Portal
HUGU ULU Gulu Airport Gulu
HUJI JIN Jinja Airport Jinja
HUKB Kabale Airport
HUPA PAF Kabalega Falls Airport Pakuba
HUKJ KJJ Kajjansi Airfield Kampala
HUKK Kakira Airport Kakira
Kalongo Airport Kalongo
HUKS KSE Kasese Airport Kasese
Kayonza Airport Kyabuyorwa
HUKD Kidepo Airport Kidepo Valley National Park
HUKI KXO Kisoro Airport Kisoro
HUKT Kitgum Airport Kitgum
Koboko Airport Koboko
HUKO Kotido Airport Kotido
Lake Albert Lodge Airstrip Munihoro
HULI Lira Airport Lira
HUMI KCU Masindi Airport Masindi
Matany Airstrip Matany
HUMA MBQ Mbarara Airport Mbarara
HUMO Moroto Airport Moroto
HUMY OYG Moyo Airport Moyo
Mutukula Airport Mutukula
HUMW Mweya Airport Mweya
Nakasongola Airport Nakasongola
KHX Savannah Airstrip Kihihi
HUSO SRT Soroti Airport Soroti
HUTO TRY Tororo Airport Tororo
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