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ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
HTZA ZNZ Abeid Amani Karume International Airport Zanzibar
Alliance Airstrip
HTAG Amani Beach Airport Somangira
HTAR ARK Arusha Airport Arusha
HTBO Beho Beho Airstrip Beho Beho
HTBH Biharamulo Airport Biharamulo
Birise Airport Birise
Boma Ulanga Airstrip Boma Ulanga
Buckreef Airport Buseresere
Buhemba Airport Buhemba
HTBU BKZ Bukoba Airport Bukoba
HTBN Bulyanhulu Airport Bubada
Bushman Airstrip
Buturi Airport Buturi
Chem Chem Airstrip Lake Manyara National Park
Chidudu Airport Chidudu
HTCH Chunya Airport Chunya
HTDO DOD Dodoma Airport Dodoma
Dolly Estates Airstrip Maji ya Chai, Arusha
Endanyawish Airport Endanyawish
HTEN Endulen Airport Endulen
HTFE Fish Eagle Airport Ibolero
HTFI Fort Ikoma Airport Fort Ikoma
GIT Geita Geita
Gelai East Airport Gelai
HTGP Golden Pride Mines Airport
Gorimba Airport Gorimba
Gua Airport Gua
HTHY Haidom Airport Haidom
Handa Airport Handa
Harbanget Airport Harbanget
Ibanda Airport Ibanda
Ifakara Airport Ifakara
Ifunda Farm Airstrip Ifunda
Ihanda Airstrip Ihanda
Iku Airport Iku
HTIY Inyonga Airport Inyonga
HTIR IRI Iringa Airport Nduli
Isanga Airport Isanga
Jongomeru Airport Jongomeru
HTDA DAR Julius Nyerere International Airport Dar Es Salaam
Kagera Sugar Airport
KBH Kahama Airstrip Kahama
Kapalagulu Airport Kapalagulu
Kapenta Airport Sumbawanga
HTKN Kasense Airport
HTKU Kasulu Airport Kasulu
HTBB Kibambawe Airstrip Selous Game Reserve
Kibebe Airport Kibebe
Kibidula Airport Kibidula
HTKB Kibondo Airport Kibondo
Kifura Airstrip Kifura
HTKA TKQ Kigoma Airport Kigoma
Kihansi Airport Kihansi
Kihurumila Airport Kihurumila
HTKJ JRO Kilimanjaro International Airport Arusha
HTKT Kilimatinde Airport Kilimatinde
Kilombero Airport Kidatu
HTKS Kilosa Airport Kilosa
Kilumbi Airport Kilumbi
KIY Kilwa Kilwa
HTKI KIY Kilwa Airport Kilwa Masoko
HTGR GTZ Kirawira B Aerodrome Grumeti Game Reserve
HTKL Kirondatal Airport Kirondatal
Kishoshoroni Airport Kishoshoroni
Kitumbeine Airport Kitumbeine
HTKC Klein's Camp Airport
Kogatende Airstrip Kogatende
HTKD Kondoa Airport Kondoa
HTKO Kongwa Airport Kongwa
Kuro Airport Kuro
Kwajoni Airport Kwajoni
HTLM LKY Lake Manyara Airport Lake Manyara National Park
Lamai Airport North Serengeti
HTLI LDI Lindi Airport Lindi
HTLL Liuli Airport Liuli
Liwale Airport Liwale
Lobo Airstrip Lobo
HTLD Loliondo Airport Loliondo
Lolmorijoi Airport Simanjiro
Lualanje Airport Chunya
Lugala Airport Lugala
Lugonesi Airport Mpanda
Luhanyando Airoprt Luhanyando
Lukwati Airport Chunya
LUY Lushoto Airport Lushoto
Luwegu Airport Luwegu
Lwafi Airport Lwafi
Maboxi Airport Kidatu
Madaba Airport Liwale
HTMA MFA Mafia Airport Kilindoni
HTSH Mafinga Airport Mafinga
Magangwe Airport Magangwe
Mahaka Airport Mahaka
HTML Mahale Airstrip Mahale
HTMH Makau Airport Makau
Makwasa Airport Makwasa
Malagarasi Airport Malagarasi
Mamarehe Airport Mamarehe
HTMN Manyoni Airport Manyoni
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