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Airports Africa Sudan


ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
Abri Airport Abri
Abu Hamad Airport Abu Hamad
Ad-Dabbah Ad-Dabbah
HSDB EDB Al Dabbah Airport Al Dabbah
Al Hawatah Airport Al Hawatah
Al Jazirah Agricultural Airport Wad Medani
HSAT ATB Atbara Airport Atbara
HSGF GSU Azaza Airport (Closed) Al Qadarif
BJE Baleela Airport Baleela Base Camp
HSCG Carthago Airport Carthago
Carthago Airport Carthago
HSDZ RSS Damazin Airport Ad Damazin
HSDL Dilling Airport Dilling
HSDN DOG Dongola Airport Dongola
El Daein El Daein
ADV El Daein Airport El Daein
HSHS El Fasher
HSFS ELF El Fasher Airport El Fasher
EDB Eldebba Eldebba
HSOB EBD El-Obeid Airport El-Obeid
NUD En Nahud En Nahud
HSNH NUD En Nahud Airport En Nahud
FDOC Base Camp Heliport Al Jabalayn
HSGG DNX Galegu Airport Dinder
HSGN EGN Geneina Airport Geneina
Gereida Airport Gereida
HSGO Gogrial Airport Gogrial
HSHG HEG Heglig Airport Heglig Oilfield
Jabal Burqat Karkor Airport Abu Hamad
HSLI KDX Kadugli Airport Kadugli
HSKA KSL Kassala Airport Kassala
Kenana Air Base Sifeiya
HSKN Kenana Airport Sifeiya
Kenana East Airport Sifeiya
HSSK KRT Khartoum International Airport Khartoum
HSKG GBU Khashm El Girba Airport Khashm El Girba
HSKI KST Kosti Airport (Closed) Rabak
Kutum Airport Kutum
HSMN MWE Merowe Airport Merowe
HSMR MWE Merowe Town Airport Merowe
Muhandiseen Military Hospital Heliport Omdurman
HSNW NHF New Halfa Airport New Halfa
HSNN UYL Nyala Airport Nyala
HSSP Port Sudan Air Base Port Sudan
HSPN PZU Port Sudan New International Airport Port Sudan
RSS Roseires Roseires
HSSG Sabera Geneina Airport Geneina
HSNR Sennar Sennar
HSND Shendi Airport (Closed) Shendi
Shendi Heliport Shendi
Sinjah Airport Nauraniya
Songo Airstrip Songo
HSWD DNI Wad Medani Airport (Closed) Wad Medani
HSSW WHF Wadi Halfa Airport Wadi Halfa
HSOM Wadi Seidna Air Base Karari al-Balad
Zalengei Heliport Zalengei
HSZA ZLX Zalingei Airport Zalingei
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