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ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
HJAR AEE Adareil Airport Adar
Adok Airport Adok
HJAJ Ajuini Airstrip Poktap, Jongl
HJAK Akobo Airport Akobo
Athidwey Airport Athidwey
HJAW Aweil Airport Aweil
HJAY Ayod Airstrip
HJBT Bentiu Airport Rubkona
Bieh Airport Dhomor
HJBR Bor Airport Bor
Buk Airfield
Dablual Airport Dablual
Doregh Airstrip Doregh
HJDK Duk Kwenyakwol Airstrip Mareng
HJDF Duk Padiet Airstrip Duk Padiet
HJDP Duk Payuel Airstrip Duk Payuel
Dwil Keil Heliport Dwil Keil
Ganyiel Airport Ganyiel
HJBB Ibba Airstrip Ibba
HJJJ JUB Juba International Airport Juba
HJKK Kajo Keji Airport Kajo Keji
HJKP Kapoeta Airport Kapoeta
HJKJ Kawjok Airport Kaujok
HSDD Keew Airstrip Keew
Koch Airport Koch
Kodok Airport Kodok
Kokuro Airport Kokuro
Kolmarek Airport Kolmarek
Kongor Airport Kongor
Kuernyang Airport Kuernyang
HJKR Kuron Airstrip Kuron
HJLK Lankien Airstrip Lankien
Leer Airport Leer
HJLW Lokwor Airport Kibbish
Luri Airport Luri
Makwar Airport Makwar
HJMK MAK Malakal Airport Malakal
Manajang Airport Manajang
HJMD Marida Airport Marida
Melut Airport Melut
HJMG Mogok Airstrip
HJMI Mundri West Airport Mundri West
HJMV Mvolo Airport Mvolo
HSNA Nasir
Nimni Airport Nimni
HJNM Nimule Airport Nimule
Nyal Airport Nyal
HJNZ Nzara Airport Nzara
Padak Airport Padak
Padeah Airport Padeah
Paguir Airport Paguir
HJPJ Pajut Airstrip Pajut
Pakuor Airport Pakuor
Paliau Airport Paliau
HJPH HGI Paloich Airport Higleig
HJPG Panyagor Airport Mabior
Panyagor Airstrip
Pathai Airstrip
Payuer Airport Payuer
HJPB Pibor Airport Pibor Post
HJPR Pieri Airstrip
HJPO Pochalla Airport Pochalla
Pulmok Airport Pulmok
HJPU Pulturuk Airstrip Pulturuk
HSRJ Raga Airport Raga
HSRN Renk Airport Renk
Riangther Airport Riangther
HJRB RBX Rumbek Airport Rumbek
Thar Jath Airport Duar
Thokchak Airport Thokchak
Thornyor Airfield Thar Cheng
Tondiak Airport Tondiak
HSTO Tong Airport Tong
HJTR Torit Airport Torit
Tuai Bur Airstrip Tuai Bur
HJTB Tumbura Airport Tumbura
Turuk Airstrip
Unity Airport Thepkeni
HJWT Waat Airstrip Waat
HJWW WUU Wau Airport Wau
HJYB Yambio Airport Yambio
HJYE Yei Airport Yei
HJYL Yirol Airport Yirol
HJYU Yuai Airstrip Yuai
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