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ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
AAD Adado Airport Adado
HCMM MGQ Aden Adde International Airport Mogadishu
HCMA ALU Alula Airport Alula
HCMB BIB Baidoa Airport Baidoa
Baledogle Airfield Wanlaweyn
HCMD BSY Bardera Airport Bardera
HCMN BLW Beletwene Airport Beledweyne
HCMI BBO Berbera Airport Berbera
BXX Borama Airport Borama
HCMF BSA Bosaso Airport Bosaso
HCMV BUO Burao Airport Burao
Buurdhuubo Airstrip
HCMC CXN Candala Airport Candala
HCML Ceelbur
Dhoobley Airstrip
HCMH HGA Egal International Airport Hargeisa
HCME HCM Eil Airport Eyl
HCMU ERA Erigavo Airport Erigavo
HCMR GLK Galcaio Airport Galcaio
GBM Garbaharey Airport Garbaharey
HCMG GSR Gardo Airport Gardo
GGR Garoowe Garoowe
HCMW GGR Garowe Airport Garowe
Hafun Airstrip Hafun
Hafun Old Base Airstrip Hafun
K50 International Airport Mogadishu
HCMK KMU Kisimayu Airport Kismayu
HCMJ LGX Lugh Ganane Airport Luuq
HCMO CMO Obbia Airport Obbia
HCMS CMS Scusciuban Airport Scusciuban
Uadan Highway Airstrip
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