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Airports Africa Namibia


ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
Afro Venture Airport
FYAA AIW Ai-Ais Airport Ai-Ais
Albrechts Aistrip
FYAI Ameib Ranch Erongo
FYAM Aminuis Airstrip Aminuis
Aminuis Pan Landing Site Aminuis
Anib Lodge Landing Site
FYAR ADI Arandis Airport Arandis
FYAN Aranos Airport Aranos
Aranos Pan Landing Site Aranos
FYAV Ariamsvley Airport Ariamsvley
Aris Landrig Strip Aris
FYAB Aroab B Airport Aroab
Auob Lodge Airport
FYAS Aus Airport Aus
FYAK Aussenkehr Airport Aussenkehr
B8 Airstrip
FYBG BQI Bagani Airport Bagani
FYBA Bagbag Erongo
Beenbreek Landing Site
Bergland Landing Strip
FYBR Berseba Karas
FYBE Betesda Hardap
FYBC Bethanien Airport Bethanien
Bimsfarm Landing Site
FYBJ Bitterwasser Lodge & Flying Club Airfield Bitterwasser
Blumfelde Pan Landing Site
Brukkaros Landing Strip Brukkaros
Buitepos Airstrip Buitepos
Bullsport Landig Site
Bush Breaks Lodge Landing Site
FYBY Byseewah Kunene
FYXX Canon Lodge Airport Fish River Canyon
FYCC Cape Cross Erongo
FYCO Coenbrits Hardap
FYCB Conception Bay
FYCV Cordova Omaheke
Cowdray Airstrip
FYDC Damaraland Camp Kunene
Derm East Pan Landing Site Derm
Desert Rhino Camp Airstrip
Doornpoort Airstrip
FYIB Dordabis Carpet Airport Dordabis
FYDN Doro Nawas Airstrip
Drimiopsis Landing Site Drimiopsis
Droeplaas Landing Site
FYED Eden Game Farm Otjozondjupa
FYEN Eenhana Airport Eenhana
FYEH Ehomba Airport Ehomba
Eintracht Airstrip
Eirup Landing Site Eirup
FYEM Emeritus (Onanis) Erongo
FYEP Epacha Kunene
FYEK Epukiro Airport Epukiro
Epukiro North Landing Site Epukiro
Epukiru Airport Epukiro
FYEF Epupa Falls Kunene
FYER Ermo Game Farm Kunene
FYWE ERS Eros Airport Windhoek
FYEA Etendeka Kunene
FYEU Etunda (Rucu) Omusati
FYET Etusis Lodge Erongo
Eureka Farm Airport
Farm Dawib Ost Landing Strip Hohenstein Lodge
Farm Etemba Landing Strip Etemba Wilderness Camp
Farm Gurus Landing Strip Kalkrand
FYGK Farm Whitwater East Landing Strip Desert Homestead
Finger Gottes Airstrip
Fortuna Landing Site
FYGM Gamis Hardap
Gams Farm Landing Site
Gamsberg Landing Site Gamsberg
Garib Landing Site Garib
Geluk Airstrip Sesriem
FYGP Geluksput (Clifton) Otjozondjupa
Georgia Peter Schomarz Landing Site
Gianti-1 Airport
FYGI Gibeon Airport Gibeon
FYGO Gobabeb Airport Gobabeb
FYGB GOG Gobabis Airport Gobabis
Gobabis Street-T Airport Gobabis
FYGC Gochas Airstrip Gochas
Godehoop Landing Site Okombahe
Goellschau Farm Landing Site Goellschau
Gomnab Airport
FYGV Gravenstein Prv Airport
Greub Landing Site
FYGF GFY Grootfontein Airport Grootfontein
Grootpan East Landing Site
FYGT Gross Tsaub Kunene
FYGN Grunau Karas
Guamus Airport
Guibes Landing Strip
Haklesdoorn Airport Haklesdoorn
HAL Halali Halali
FYHI HAL Halali Airport Halali
Hannover N Airport
Haribes Dam Strip Haribes Dam
FYHA Harnas Omaheke
FYHV Hartmann Valley Airstrip Kunene
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