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Airports Africa Mozambique


ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
Afungi Airport Palma
AME Alto Molocue Airport Alto Molocue
FQAG ANO Angoche Airport Angoche
Baixo Pinda Airport Nanatha
BJN Bajone Bajone
BZB Bazaruto Island Airport Bazaruto Island
FQBR BEW Beira Airport Beira
BCW Benguera Island Airport Benguera Island
FQBI Bilene Airport Bilene
Blanguete Airport
Buffalo Camp Airstrip Machanga
CMZ Caia Caia
CMZ Caia Airport Caia
Catandica Airport Catandica
Chemba Airport Chemba
FQCH VPY Chimoio Airport Chimoio
INE Chinde Chinde
INE Chinde Airport Chinde
FQTT TET Chingozi Airport Tete
Chiure Airport Chiure
TGS Chokwe Chokwe
TGS Chokwé Airport Chokwé
FQCB FXO Cuamba Airport Cuamba
DGK Dugong Dugong
Espungabera Airport Espungabera
Fingoe Airport Fingoe
FQFU Furancungo Airport Furancungo
Gile Airport Gile
VJQ Gurue Airport Gurue
Homoine Airport Homoine
FQIB IBO Ibo Airport Ibo
IDC Ila da Chilonzuene Ila da Chilonzuene
IBL Indigo Bay Lodge Airport Bazaruto Island
FQIA IHC Inhaca Airport Inhaca
FQIN INH Inhambane Airport Inhambane
IMG Inhaminga Airport Inhaminga
Inhassoro Airstrip Inhassoro
Kenmare Moma Airport Larde
FQLC VXC Lichinga Airport Lichinga
LBM Luabo Luabo
LBM Luabo Airport Luabo
Lugenda Wilderness Camp Airstrip Mbamba
FQLU LFB Lumbo Airport Lumbo
Mabote Airport Mabote
Macalonge Airport Macalonge
Machangulo Airport Matutuine
Machasi Airport Machasi
Macomia Airport Macomia
Macossa Airport Macossa
Mafambisse Airport Mafambisse
MJS Maganja da Costa Maganja da Costa
MJS Maganja da Costa Airport Maganja
MFW Magaruque Magaruque
Mague Airport Mague
Malvernia Airport Malvernia
FQMA MPM Maputo Airport Maputo
RRM Marromeu Airport Marromeu
FQMR Marrupa Airport Marrupa
Massangena Airport Massangena
Massinga Airport Massinga
Massingir Airport Massingir
Matemo Airport Matemo
Mbamba Airport Mbamba
Mbatamila Airport
Mecanhelas Airport Mecanhelas
Medjumbe Airport Medjumbe
Meluco Airport Meluco
Metangula Airport Metangula
Milange Airport Milange
FQMP MZB Mocímboa da Praia Airport Mocímboa da Praia
MMW Moma Airport (Closed) Moma
MTU Montepuez Airport Montepuez
Mopeia Airport Mopeia
Mucumbura Airport Mucumbura
FQMD MUD Mueda Airport Mueda
FQMU Mutarara
FQNC MNC Nacala Airport Nacala
FQNP APL Nampula Airport Nampula
NND Nangade Nangade
NND Nangade Airport Nangade
LMZ Palma Airport Palma
NTC Paradise Island Airport Santa Carolina
PEB Pebane Airport Pebane
FQPB POL Pemba Airport Pemba / Porto Amelia
Pomene Airstrip Pomene
FQPO PDD Ponta do Ouro Airport Ponta do Ouro
Québese Airport Chibabava
FQQL UEL Quelimane Airport Quelimane
Quirimba Airstrip Quirimba Island
Quissico Airport Quissico
NTC Santa Carolina Santa Carolina
FQSG Songo Airport Songo
Sussundenga Airport Sussundenga
Tondo Lodge Airstrip Gueligue
FQUG Ulongwe Airport Ulongwe
Vale Chassapa Airport Vale Chassapa
Vamizi Airstrip Cabo Delgado
Vila Franca do Save Airport Vila Franca do Save
FQVL VNX Vilankulo Airport Vilanculo
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