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Airports Africa Mauritania


ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
GQNE BGH Abbaye Airport Boghe
GQNA AEO Aioun El Atrouss Airport Aioun El Atrouss
GQNJ AJJ Akjoujt Airport Akjoujt
LEG Aleg (Closed) Aleg
GQPA ATR Atar International Airport Atar
Bassikounou Airport Bassikounou
Bassikounou Heliport Bassikounou
GQPT Bir Moghrein Airport Bir Moghrein
GQNB OTL Boutilimit Airport Boutilimit
Chegga Airport Chegga
CGT Chinguetti Airport (Closed) Chinguetti
CGT Chinguitti Chinguitti
Choum Heliport Choum
GQNM Dahara Airport Timbreda
ZLG El Gouera El Gouera
Fassala Heliport Fassala
GQPF FGD Fderik Airport Fderik
GQNK KED Kaédi Airport Kaédi
GQNF KFA Kiffa Airport Kiffa
GQNL MOM Letfotar Airport Moudjeria
MBR Mbout Mbout
GQNI EMN Néma Airport Néma
GQPP NDB Nouadhibou International Airport Nouadhibou
GQNN NKC Nouakchott International Airport (Closed) Nouakchott
GQNO NKC Nouakchott–Oumtounsy International Airport Nouakchott
Old Néma Airport (Closed) Néma
GQNR Rosso
GQNR Rosso Airport Rosso
GQNS SEY Sélibaby Airport Sélibaby
GQNT THT Tamchakett Airport Tamchakett
GQPZ OUZ Tazadit Airport Zouérate
Taziazet Mine Airport Taziazet
GQNC THI Tichitt Airport Tichitt
GQND TIY Tidjikja Airport Tidjikja
GQNH TMD Timbedra Airport Timbedra
Twajeel Airport Twajeel
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