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ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
Aguelhok Heliport Aguelhok
GAAO Ansongo Airport Ansongo
Ansongo Heliport Ansongo
GABF Bafoulabé Airport Bafoulabé
BQI Bagani Bagani
GABD Bandiagara Airport Bandiagara
GABG Bougouni Airport Bougouni
GABR Bourem Airport Bourem
GASO Dignangan Airport Sikasso
GADA Dioila Airport Dioila
GADZ Douentza Airport Douentza
GAFD Faladie Airport Faladie
GAGO GAQ Gao Airport Gao
GAGM GUD Goundam Airport Goundam
GAHB Hombori
Kayes Airport
GAKD KYS Kayes Dag Dag Airport Kayes
GAKM Ke-Macina Airport (Closed) Ke-Macina
GAKA KNZ Kenieba Airport Kenieba
GAKL Kidal Airport Kidal
GAKT Kita Airport Kita
GAKN Kolokani Airport Kolokani
GAKO KTX Koutiala Airport Koutiala
Léré Heliport Léré
Manantali Bengassi Airport Manantali
GAMA Markala Airport (Closed) Markala
GAMK Menaka Airport Menaka
GABS BKO Modibo Keita International Airport Bamako
GAMB MZI Mopti Ambodédjo International Airport Sévaré
GANK NRM Nara Airport Nara
GANF Niafunke Airport Niafunke
GANR NIX Nioro Du Sahel Airport Nioro Du Sahel
GASG SZU Ségou Airport (Closed) Ségou
GASK KSS Sikasso Airport Sikasso
Tassiga Airport Tassiga
GATS Tessalit Airport Tessalit
GATB TOM Timbuktu Airport Timbuktu
GAYE EYL Yélimané Airport Yélimané
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