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ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
FMNW WAI Ambalabe Airport Antsohihy
FMSA Ambalavao Airport Ambalavao
FMNJ IVA Ambanja Airport (Closed) Ambanja
AHY Ambatolhy Airport Ambatolahy
FMMB AMY Ambatomainty Airport Ambatomainty
FMMZ WAM Ambatondrazaka Airport Ambatondrazaka
FMNE AMB Ambilobe Airport Ambilobe
Amboasary Sud Airport Amboasary Sud
Ambodiatafa Airport Ambodiatafa
FMFE OHB Ambohibary Airport Moramanga
FMMJ Ambohijanahary Airport Ambohijanahary
FMNM MJN Amborovy Airport Mahajanga
Ambovombe Airport Ambovombe
FMNZ IVA Ampampamena Airport Ampampamena
FMSY AMP Ampanihy Airport Ampanihy
FMMP Amparafaravola Airport Amparafaravola
Anahidrano Airport Anahidrano
FMNL HVA Analalava Airport Analalava
FMND ZWA Andapa Airport Andapa
DVD Andavadoaka Airport Andavadoaka
WAD Andriamena Andriamena
WAD Andriamena Airport Andriamena
Anjajavy Private Airport Anjajavy
FMNB WBE Ankaizina Airport Bealanana
FMMK JVA Ankavandra Airport Ankavandra
FMSZ WAK Ankazoabo Airport Ankazoabo
NKO Ankokoambo Airport Ankokoambo
FMMA Antananarivo Arivonimamo Airport Arivonimamo
FMMD Antananarvio
Antanimalandy Airport Antaninalandy
Antanimora Airport Antanimora
Antetikireja Airport Antetikireja
FMMG WAQ Antsalova Airport Antsalova
FMME ATJ Antsirabe Airport Antsirabe
FMNH ANM Antsirabe Airport Antsirabe
Antsiranana Andrakaka
FMNK Antsiranana Andrakaka Airport Antsiranana
FMSB WBO Antsoa Airport Beroroha
FMNA DIE Arrachart Airport Antisiranana
FMMQ ILK Atsinanana Airport Ilaka
FMNF WBD Avaratra Airport Befandriana
FMSL OVA Bekily Airport Bekily
FMML BMD Belo Sur Tsiribihina Airport Belo Sur Tsiribihina
BZM Bemolanga Airport Bemolanga
WBO Beroroha Beroroha
BSV Besakoa Airport Besakoa
FMNQ BPY Besalampy Airport Besalampy
FMFZ Betainomby Airport Betainomby
FMSV BKU Betioky Airport Betioky
FMSE Betroka Airport Betroka
Chez Eric et Fleur Airport Ambovolavo
DOA Doany Airport Doany
FMSG RVA Farafangana Airport Farafangana
FMNN NOS Fascene Airport Nosy Be
FMSF WFI Fianarantsoa Airport Fianarantsoa
Fihaonana Aerodrome Analamanga
Fotadrevo Airport Fotadrevo
Ifotaka Airport Ifotaka
FMSI IHO Ihosy Airport Ihosy
ILK Ilaka Ilaka
Itampolo Airport Itampolo
FMMI TNR Ivato Airport Antananarivo
Lodge des Terre Blanches Airport Ambovolavo
WMV Madirovalo Madirovalo
FMMH VVB Mahanoro Airport Mahanoro
FMMO MXT Maintirano Airport Maintirano
FMMC WML Malaimbandy Airport Malaimbandy
FMNP WMP Mampikony Airport Mampikony
FMSK WVK Manakara Airport Manakara
FMNC WMR Mananara Nord Airport Mananara Nord
FMSM MNJ Mananjary Airport Mananjary
FMSC WMD Mandabe Airport Mandabe
FMNX WMA Mandritsara Airport Mandritsara
FMSJ MJA Manja Airport Manja
FMNR WMN Maroantsetra Airport Maroantsetra
Maromby Airport Maromby
Marovasa Private Airport Ankaranakatra
FMMN ZVA Miandrivazo Airport Miandrivazo
FMMR TVA Morafenobe Airport Morafenobe
WOR Moramba Ankorefo
Moramba Airport Marovoha
FMSR MXM Morombe Airport Morombe
FMMV MOQ Morondava Airport Morondava
FMNG WPB Port Bergé Airport Port Bergé
FMSO RLR Relais de la Reine Airport Isalo
FMMS SMS Sainte Marie Airport Vohilava
FMSN TDV Samangoky Airport Tanandava
FMNS SVB Sambava Airport Sambava
FMNO DWB Soalala Airport Soalala
FMMU WTA Tambohorano Airport Tambohorano
TDV Tanandava Tanandava
FMMT TMM Toamasina Ambalamanasy Airport Toamasina
FMSD FTU Tôlanaro Airport Tôlanaro
FMST TLE Toliara Airport Toliara
Tranoroa Airport Tranoroa
FMNT TTS Tsaratanana Airport Tsaratanana
Tsihombe Airport Tsihombe
TZO Tsimiroro Airport Ankisatra
FMMX WTS Tsiroanomandidy Airport Tsiroanomandidy
FMSU VND Vangaindrano Airport Vangaindrano
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