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ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
HLAG Agedabia Agedabia
Al Bumbah North
Al Hamada Con 66 East
Al Jufra
Al Khadim
Al Khuwaymat
Al Marj
Al Wigh
HLAM Amal V12 Amal V12
HLBD Beda M3 Beda M3
Beni Walid
HLLB BEN Benina Benghazi
Bir Umran
BCQ Brack Brack
HLFL Bu Attifel Buattifel
HLRA Dahra Dahra
HLDB Eddib V7 Eddib V7
HLGN TOB El Adem Airbase Tobruk
HLSD Essider Essider
HLGD SRX Gardabya Airport Sirt
HLTD LTD Ghadames East Ghadames
HLGT GHT Ghat Ghat
Habit Awlad Muhammad
HLHM Hamada Nc-5 Hamada Nc-5
HLNM Hamada Nc-8 Hamada Nc-8
HLON Hon Hon
HUQ Houn Houn
Jalou Jalu
HLKF AKF Kufra Kufra
HLLQ LAQ La Abraq Airport Al Bayda'
HLMB LMQ Marsa Brega Marsa Brega
DNF Martubah Derna
Matan As Sarra
HLML Messla Messla
HLMS MRA Misratah Airport Misratah
HLLM MJI Mitiga Airport Tripoli
QMQ Murzuq Murzuq
NFR Nafoora Nafoora
HLNR Nafoora M4 Nafoora M4
Nafurah 1
Okba Ibn Nafa
HLZG Oxy 103 a Oxy 103 a
Oxy a 103
Qaryat al Karmal
HLNF Ras Lanuf Oil Ras Lanouf V 40
HLSH Sahil Sahil
HLSA Sarir C-4 Sarir C-4
Sarir NW
HLLS SEB Sebha Sebha
SRX Sert Sert
Sidi Salih
HLTS Tebesty V-9 Tebesty V-9
HLTQ TOB Tobruk Tobruk
HLLL Tripoli Harbor Tripoli
HLLT TIP Tripoli Intl Tripoli
HLUB Ubari Ubari
QUB Ubari Airport Ubari
Wadi Buzanad SW
HLWA Waha 59-a Waha 59-a
Warehouse 59a
HLGL Warehouse 59e Giallo
Waw al Kabir
HLZA Zella 74 Zella 74
HLZT Zelten Zelten
Zelten SW New
HLZU Zueitina Zueitina
HLZW Zwara Zwara
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