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Airports Africa Kenya


ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
HKEW (Old) El Wak Airport (Closed) El Wak
Airspray Naivasha Airfield Karagita
Alale Airport Alale
Alia Bay Airport Alia Bay
HKAM ASV Amboseli Airport Amboseli National Park
HKOM ANA Angama Airport Maasai Mara
Arabia Airport Arabia
HKAR Arroket Airport Arroket
Aruba Airport Aruba
Asako Airport
Athi River Airport Athi River
Bachuma Gate Airport Bachuma
Bahari East Airstrip Bahari
HKBL Balesa Airport Balesa
HKBM BMQ Bamburi Airport Bamburi
Banisa Airport Banisa
Baomo Tana Airport Maroni
Baragoi Airport Baragoi
Baragoi West Airport Baragoi
Barclays Airport Nakuru
Barina Airport Barina
Barsaloi Airport Barsaloi
Barton's Naivasha Airport Naivasha
Belatrix Kargi Airport Kargi
HKZT Beverley Airport North Horr
Bissel Airport Bissel
Bobs Harries Airport Karamaini
Bogani Airport Bogani
Bomet Airport Bomet
Borana Airport Borana
Buna Airport Buna
HKBU Bungoma Airport Bungoma
HKBR Bura East Airport Bura
Bura West Airport Bura West
HKBA Busia Airport Busia
Bute Moyale Airport Bute
Camp Simba Airfield Lamu
Carzan Rongai Airport Rongai
Chaffa Airport Shaba
Changoi Tea Estate Airport Changoi Tea Estate
Chepgoiven Airport Chepgoiven
Chyulus Airport
HKCG Congrieve Airfield Congrieve
Cottar's Camp Airport Cottar's Camp
HKCC Cottars Mara Airport
Crescent Island Naivasha Airport Naivasha
Crocodile Camp Air Strip Tsavo East
HKDA Dadaab Airstrip Dadaab
Delamare Camp Airport Nakuru
Didima Bule Airport Didima Bule
Dol Dol Airport Dol Dol
El Kantor Airport El Kantor
El Karama Airport
HKED Eldoret Boma Airport Eldoret
HKEL EDL Eldoret International Airport Eldoret
HKES EYS Eliye Springs Airport Eliye Springs
HKSA Embakasi Airport Embakasi
Embori Farm Airport Embori Farm
HKEM Embu Airport Embu
Enasoit Airport Enasoit
Engelesha Airport Engelesha
Entasopia Airport Kalema
Entesekera Airport Entesekera
HKFT Fig Tree Airport Masai Mara National Park
Finch Hattons Airport Finch Hattons
Funzi Island Airport Funzi Island
Gaitu Airport Gaitu
Galana Ranch Airstrip
HKGT Garba Tula Airport Garba Tula
HKGA GAS Garissa Airport Garissa
Garsen Airport Garsen
Gatab Lower Airport Gatab
George Smith Farm Airport
Gilgil Coulson Airport Gilgil
Gogar Airport Rongai
Green Park Airport Green Park
Habaswein Airport Habaswein
Hagadera Airport Dadaab
Hall Hall Airport
Hall Strip Airport
Harris Hills Airport Harris Hills
Head Office Delamere Estates Airport Head Office Delamere Estates
HKHO HOA Hola Airport Hola
HKHB Homa Bay Airport Homa Bay
Hulugho Airport Hulugho
Ibis Farm Airport
Il Ngwesi Airport Il Ngwesi
Ileret Main Airport Ileret
Ileret Town Airport Ileret
Ilkek Airport Ilkek
Ilkerin Airport Ilkerin
Impala Farm Airport Impala Farm
HKIS Isiolo Airport Isiolo
Ithumba Airport Ithumba
HKIC Itona Ranch Airport Itona Ranch
Jolai Delamere Estates Airport Elmenteita
HKJK NBO Jomo Kenyatta International Airport Nairobi
Kajiado Airport Kajiado
HKKG GGM Kakamega Airport Kakamega
HKKM Kakuma Airport Kakuma
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