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Airports Africa Gabon


ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
FOGA AKE Akieni Akieni
AWE Alowe Alowe
BAW Biawonque Biawonque
FOOB BMM Bitam Bitam
BGP Bongo Bongo
FOGB BGB Booue Booue
FOOC Cocobeach Cocobeach
FOGF FOU Fougamou Fougamou
GAX Gamba Gamba
IGE Iguela Iguela
GKO Kongoboumba Kongoboumba
FOGK KOU Koulamoutou Airport Koulamoutou
FOGR LBQ Lambarene Lambarene
FOOR LTL Lastourville Lastourville
LEO Leconi Leconi
FOOL LBV Leon M Ba Libreville
FOOK MKU Makokou Makokou
KMD Mandji Mandji
MGO Manega Manega
FOOY MYB Mayumba Airport Mayumba
FOGG MBC Mbigou Mbigou
MDV Medouneu Medouneu
FOOE MKB Mekambo Mekambo
MVG Mevang Mevang
GIM Miele Mimbale Miele Mimbale
FOGV MVX Minvoul Minvoul
FOOM MZC Mitzic Mitzic
FOGI MGX Moabi Moabi
FOOD MFF Moanda Moanda
FOGM MJL Mouilla Ville Airport Mouila
FOON MVB M'vengue El Hadj Omar Bongo Ondimba Franceville
FOGE KDN Ndende Ndende
FOGJ Ndjole Ville Ndjole
NKA Nkan Nkan
FOGQ OKN Okondja Okondja
FOOH OMB Omboue Hopital Omboue Hospial
OUU Ouanga Ouanga
OWE Owendo Owendo
FOGO OYE Oyem Oyem
FOOG POG Port Gentil Port Gentil
ZKM Sette Cama Sette Cama
FOOS Sette-Cama Sette-Cama
FOOT TCH Tchibanga Airport Tchibanga
WGY Wagny Wagny
WNE Wora Na Ye Wora Na Ye
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