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ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
Abu Rahal Well Airport
Abu Rish Valley Airport
AUE Abu Rudeis Airport Ras Abu Rudeis
Abu Rudeis Heliport Ras Abu Rudeis
Abu Shahat Valley Air Base Safaja
HEBL ABS Abu Simbel Airport Abu Simbel
Abu Suwayr Air Base Abu Suwayr
HEDK DAK Ad Dakhla Airport Dakhla Oases
Adabiya Heliport Attaka
Al Battikh Airfield El-Reyad
Al Mansurah Airbase Mansoura
Al Omraniya Heliport Al Omraniya
Al Rahmaniyah Air Base Shubrakhit
HEAZ Almaza Air Force Base Cairo
Aluminium Heliport Nag Hammadi
As Salihiyah Airport El Husseiniya
As Sallum Airport As Sallum
HESN ASW Aswan International Airport Aswan
Asyut Heliport Asyut
HEAT ATZ Asyut International Airport Asyut
Badr El Din Airport Siwa
Baloza Airport (Closed) Remanah
HEBS Bani Sweif Air Base Bani Sweif
Bani Sweif University Heliport New Bani Sweif
EES Berenice International Airport / Banas Cape Air Base Berenice Troglodytica
Bilbeis 2 Airfield Bilbeis
Bilbeis Air Base Bilbeis
Birma Air Base Tanta
HEBA HBE Borj El Arab International Airport Alexandria
Borj El Arab Stadium Heliport Iking Maryut
HECA CAI Cairo International Airport Cairo
HECW CWE Cairo West Air Base Cairo
HECP CCE Capital International Airport New Cairo
Dar Es Salam Heliport Dar Es Salam
Darau Airport Darau
Deir El Gill Airport Marsa Matruh
Difarsuwar Airfield Ismailia
East Port Said Naval Base Heliport Port Fuad
EDC Heliport Ras Abu Rudeis
Egyptian General Petroleum Resort Heliport Ras Gharib
HEAL DBB El Alamein International Airport El Alamein
HEAR AAC El Arish International Airport El Arish
El Arish Military Hospital Helipad El Arish
El Galala Marina Heliport Attaka
HEGO El Gouna Private Airport El Gouna
El Gouna Ultralight Airport El Gouna
El Hafair Heliport Attaka
El Hassana Well Airport El Hassana
HEGR EGH El Jora Airport El Jora
HEKG UVL El Kharja Airport Kharja Oases
El Maragha Heliport El Maragha
EMY El Minya El Minya
HEMN EMY El Minya Airport El Minya
HEAX ALY El Nuzha Airport (Closed) Alexandria
HEOW GSQ El Owainat East International Airport Sharq El Owainat
El Sharqi Airport Nekhel
El Sheikh Gebeil Airport Abu Hammad
HETR ELT El Tor Airport El Tor
El Tor Sinai Armed Forces Hospital Heliport El Tor
Fayed Air Base Abo Swir Desert
Gabal El Zeit Airport Ras Gharib
Gebel El Basur Air Base Markaz Ad Delingat
HEEM Giza Embaba Airport (Closed) Al Jiza
Habata Airport Sidi El Barrani
Helipads (4x) runway Farafa Oasis
Hulwan Airfield Helwan
HEGN HRG Hurghada International Airport Hurghada
Inshas Air Base Inshas
HEIS Ismailia Air Base Ismailia
Jafjafa Well Airfield El Hassana
Janifa Heliport Kibrit
HEGS Jiyanklis Air Base Abu El Matamir
July 3rd Tunnel Heliport Awal Al Ganoub
Kafr el-Sheikh Heliport Kafr el-Sheikh
Kawm Ushim Airport Tamiya
Kibrit Airport Kibrit
HELX LXR Luxor International Airport Luxor
HEAJ Ma‘ di Military Hospital Heliport Ma‘ di
Malan Frein Airport El Alamein
HEMA RMF Marsa Alam International Airport Marsa Alam
HEMM MUH Marsa Matruh International Airport Marsa Matruh
Martyr Ahmed El-Mansy Floating Bridge Heliport Al Ganayen
Misheifa Airport Sidi El Barrani
Mount Attaka Heliport Attaka
SKV Mount Sinai Santa Katarina
Multinational Force and Observers South Camp Heliport Sharm El Sheikh
New Bani Sweif Heliport New Bani Sweif
HEOC October Airport Sixth of October City
Osman Air Base Siwa Oasis
PAS Petroleum Air Services Heliport Ras Gharib
HEPS PSD Port Said International Airport Port Said
Quesna Airport Quesna
TFR Ramadan Ramadan
Ras Bakr Heliport Ras Gharib
Ras Behar Heliport Ras Gharib
Ras Behar Water Treatment Plant Heliport Ras Gharib
Ras Rawahimi Heliport Ras Gharib
HE45 Ras Sedr Airport Ras Sedr
Ras Shukeir Airport Ras Gharib
Ras Shukeir Port Heliport Ras Gharib
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