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Airports Africa Congo, Democratic Republic of


ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
FZJF Aba Airport Aba
FZFE Abumumbazi Airport Abumumbazi
FZKN Aketi Airport Aketi
FZKO Ango Airport Ango
Aru Airport Aru
FZKB Bambili-Dingila Airport Bambili-Dingila
FZBO FDU Bandundu Airport Bandundu
FZCI Banga Airport Banga
FZIC FKI Bangoka International Airport Kisangani
FZCL Banza Lute Airport Banza Lute
FZEN BSU Basankusu Airport Basankusu
FZBW Basengele Airport Basengele
FZVR BAN Basongo Airport Basongo
FZFF Bau Airport (Closed) Bau
FZVO Bena-Dibele Airport Bena-Dibele
FZNP BNC Beni Airport Beni
FZBE Beno Airport Beno
FZEO Beongo Airport Beongo
FZWB Bibanga Airport Bibanga
FZBC Bikoro Airport (Closed) Bikoro
FZBQ Bindja Airport Bindja
FZGE Binga Airport Binga
Boeli Airstrip Boeli
FZGN BNB Boende Airport Boende
FZFG Bokada Airport (Closed) Bokada
FZDR Bokela Airport Bokela
FZCO Boko Airport Boko
Bokoro Airport Bokoro
FZGF Bokungu Airport Bokungu
FZGC Bolila Airport Bolila
Bolobo Airport Bolobo
FZBR Bolongonkele Airport Bolongonkele
FZAJ BOA Boma Airport Boma
Boma Lukandu International Airport Boma
FZKP Bondo Airport Bondo
FZBB Bongimba Airport Bongimba
FZBF Bonkita Airport Bonkita
FZBK Boshwe Airport Boshwe
FZGB Bosondjo Airport (Closed) Bosondjo
FZGT Boteka Airport Boteka
FZMA BKY Bukavu Kavumu Airport Kamakombe
FZRE Bukena Airport Bukena
FZUL Bulape Airport Bulape
FZMK Bulongo Kigogo Airport Bulongo Kigogo
FZFU BMB Bumba Airport Bumba
FZKA BUX Bunia Airport Bunia
FZCR Busala Airport Busala
BZU Buta Buta
FZKJ BZU Buta Zega Airport Buta
FZAD Celo Zongo Airport Celo Zongo
Dakwa Airport Dakwa
FZVT Dekese Airport Dekese
FZUP Diboko Airport Diboko
FZVP Dikungu Airport Dikungu
FZSI Dilolo Airport Dilolo
FZVD Dingele Airport Dingele
FZBL Djokele Airport Djokele
Djolu Airport Djolu
FZJB Doko Airport Doko
FZJD Doruma Airport Doruma
Dungu Airport Dungu
FZJC Dungu-Uye Airport Dungu
FZFC Engengele Airport Engengele
Epulu Airport Epulu
FZJK Faradje Airport Faradje
FZCT Fatundu Airport Fatundu
FZQF Fungurume Airport Fungurume
FZFV Gbado Airport (Closed) Gbado
FZFD BDT Gbadolite Airport Gbadolite
FZFK GMA Gemena Airport Gemena
FZNA GOM Goma International Airport Goma
FZFJ Goyongo Airport Goyongo
FZFW Gwaka Airport Gwaka
FZCB IDF Idiofa Airport Idiofa
FZVU Idumbe Airport Idumbe
FZGV IKL Ikela Airport Ikela
FZVS PFR Ilebo Airport Ilebo
FZFB Imesse Airport (Closed) Imesse
FZAN Inga Airport Inga
FZEI Ingende Airport Ingende
FZAS Inkisi Airport Inkisi
FZBA INO Inongo Airport Inongo
FZBU Ipeke Airport Ipeke
Ipope Airstrip Ipope
Irebu Airport Irebu
Ishango Airport Ishango
FZNI Ishasha Airport Ishasha
FZJA Isiro-Ville Airport (Closed) Isiro
FZBH Isongo Airport (Closed) Isongo
FZCU Ito Airport Ito
FZRM KBO Kabalo Airport Kabalo
KBN Kabinda Kabinda
FZRD Kabombo Airport (Closed) Kabombo
Kabuba Airport Kabuba
FZCF Kahemba Airport Kahemba
FZOO Kailo Airport Kailo
FZCK Kajiji Airport Kajiji
FZFL Kala Airport (Closed) Kala
FZRF FMI Kalemie Airport Kalemie
KLY Kalima Kalima
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