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Airports Africa Chad


ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
FTTC AEH Abeche Airport Abeche
AOD Abou-Deïa Airport Abou-Deïa
Adré Airport Adré
FTTN AMC Am Timan Airport Am Timan
Amdjarass Airport Amdjarass
Aozou Airstrip
FTTI ATV Ati Airport Ati
Baïbokoum Airport Baïbokoum
FTTZ Bardai Zougra Airport Bardai Zougra
FTTE Biltine Airport Biltine
FTTK BKR Bokoro Airport Bokoro
FTTL OTC Bol-Berim Airport Bol
FTTB OGR Bongor Airport Bongor
FTTS OUT Bousso Airport Bousso
Doba Airport Doba
FTTF Fada Airport Fada
FTTY FYT Faya Largeau Airport Faya-Largeau
Goundi Airport Goundi
FTTG Goz-Beida Airport Goz-Beida
Guéréda Airport Guéréda
Haraze Airport Haraze
Iriba Airport Iriba
Kélo Airport Kélo
Kouba Olanga Airstrip Kouba Olanga
Koumra Airport Koumra
Kyabé Airport Kyabé
FTTH LTC Lai Airport Lai
Léré Airport Léré
FTTU AMO Mao Airport Mao
MEF Melfi Airport Melfi
FTTM MVO Mongo Airport Mongo
FTTD MQQ Moundou Airport Moundou
MXR Moussoro Airport Moussoro
FTTJ NDJ N'djamena International Airport N'djamena
FTFY Ouadi Doum Air Base Wadi Doum
OUM Oum Hadjer Airport Oum Hadjer
FTTP PLF Pala Airport Pala
Salal Airport Salal
FTTA SRH Sarh Airport Sarh
Usine Sugar Plantation Airstrip Sarh
AKM Zakuoma Airport Zakouma
FTTR Zouar Airport Zouar
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