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Airports Africa Burkina Faso


ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
DFOY XAR Aribinda Airport Aribinda
DFER ARL Arly Airport Arly
DFOB BNR Banfora Airport Banfora
DFCB Barsalogho Airport Barsalogho
DFCE Batie Airport Batie
DFOO BOY Bobo Dioulasso Airport Bobo Dioulasso
DFEB XBG Bogande Airport Bogande
DFCO Boromo
DFEA XBO Boulsa Airport Boulsa
DFOA Dano Airport Dano
DFOD DGU Dedougou Airport Dedougou
DFED DIP Diapaga Airport Diapaga
DFCD Didyr Airport Didyr
DFOU XDE Diebougou Airport Diebougou
DFCJ XDJ Djibo Airport Djibo
DFEE DOR Dori Airport Dori
DFEF FNG Fada N'gourma Airport Fada N'gourma
DFOG XGA Gaoua Airport Gaoua
DFEG XGG Gorom-Gorom Airport Gorom-Gorom
DFCU Gourcy Airport Gourcy
DFOH Houndé Airport Houndé
DFEL XKA Kantchari Airport Kantchari
DFCA XKY Kaya Airport Kaya
DFEC Komin-Yanga Airport Komin-Yanga
DFCG Kongoussi Airport Kongoussi
DFCK Koudougou Airport Koudougou
DFEK Koupela Airport Koupela
DFCL XLU Leo Airport Leo
DFOL Loumana Airport (Closed) Loumana
DFCM Manga Airport Manga
DFON XNU Nouna Airport Nouna
DFOR Orodara Airport Orodara
DFFD OUA Ouagadougou Airport Ouagadougou
DFCC OUG Ouahigouya Airport Ouahigouya
DFEY Ouargaye Airport Ouargaye
DFEP XPA Pama Airport Pama
DFEN Peta Barabe Airfield Essakane Gold Mine
DFCP PUP Po Airport Po
DFCR Poura Airport Poura
DFOF Safane Airport Safane
DFES XSE Sebba Airport Sebba
DFCS Seguenega Airport Seguenega
DFOS Sideradougou Airport Sideradougou
DFEM TMQ Tambao Airport Tambao
DFCT Tenado Airport Tenado
DFET TEG Tenkodogo Airport Tenkodogo
DFCI Titao Airport Titao
DFOT TUQ Tougan Airport Tougan
DFCY Yako Airport Yako
DFEZ XZA Zabré Airport Zabré
DFEO Zorgo Airport Zorgo
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