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ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
FBAB Abu Airport Abu's Camp
FBAL Alpha Airfield (Closed) Lobatse
Arizona Airport Arizona Farm
Banoka Airstrip Khwai Private Game Reserve
Big Game Airport Big Game
FBBS Bokspits Airport Bokspits
FBBP Bottle Pan Airport Bottle Pan
FBCO Camp Okavango Airport Camp Okavango
FBCM Cement Airport Cement
Central Kalahari Airport
FBCD Chandia Airstrip Chandia
Chief's Camp Airport
Chief's Island Airport
FBCT Chitabe Airstrip Chitabe
FBCH Chobe Airport
FBDV Deception Valley Airport Deception Valley Lodge
FBDT Delta Camp Airport Delta Camp
Elephant Sands Airport Nata
Etsha Airport Etsha
FBNW Gaborone Notwane Airport (Closed) Gaborone Notwane
Ghaghoo Mine Airport Gope
FBGZ GNZ Ghanzi Airport Ghanzi
FBGH Goodhope Airport Goodhope
FBGP Gope Airport Gope
Gorokwe Airport Okavango
FBGS Grassland Airport Grassland Lodge
FBGY Grundy's Airport Grundy's Lodge
FBGU Guma Airport Guma
FBGM Gumare Airport Gumare
FBGD Gundingwa Airport Gundingwa
Gunns Camp Okavango
FBGW Gweta Airport Gweta
FBHV Haina Ventures Airport Hainaveld
FBHK HUK Hukuntsi Airport Hukuntsi
FBHU Hunda Airport Tubu Tree Camp
FYII Impalila Island Lodge Kasane, North West
Jackalas 1 Airport Jackalas 1
FBJA Jao Airport Jao Camp
Jwala Airport Jwala
FBJW JWA Jwaneng Airport Jwaneng
FBKA Kaa Airport Kaa
FBKK Kanana Airport Kanana Camp
FBKN Kanana Farm Airport Kanana Farm
FBKG Kang Airport Kang
FBKY Kanye Airport Kanye
Karowe Airstrip Lethakane
FBKE BBK Kasane Airport Kasane
Ketumetse Airport
Kgoro Pan Airport
Kgwedi Airport Kgwedi
Khuis Airport Khuis
Khutse Airport Khutse
Khwai North Airport
FBKR KHW Khwai River Lodge Airport Khwai River Lodge
FBKP Kings Pool Airport Kings Pool
FBKI Kiri Airport Kiri Camp
Kwalata Airport Kwalata Ranch
FBKD Kwando - Lagoon Airport Lagoon Camp
FBKW Kwando - Lebala Airport Lebala Camp
Kwara Camp Airport
FBLT Letlhakane
FBLV TLD Limpopo Valley Airport Tuli Lodge
FBLL Limpopo-Lipadi Airport Limpopo-Lipadi
FBLN Linyanti Airport Linyanti
FBLO LOQ Lobatse Airport Lobatse
FBMG Machaneng Airport Machaneng
FBMM Makalamabedi Airport (Closed) Makalamabedi
FBMU Mamuno Airport Mamuno
Mapula Airport
Masame Airport Masame
FBMA Matsieng Airstrip Rasesa
FBMN MUB Maun Airport Maun
Mmashoro Airport Mmashoro
FBML Molepolole Airport (Closed) Molepolole
FBMB Mombo Camp Airport
FBMO Motopi Airport Motopi
FBNT Nata Airport Nata
Ncamasere Airport Ncamasere
Ncojane Airport Ncojane
New Xade Airport New Xade
FBNN Nokaneng Airport Nokaneng
FBNW Ntswi Airport Gunn's Camp
FB56 Ntswi Island Okavango Delta
FBNB Nxabega Airport Nxabega
Nxabega Safari Airport
Nxai Pan Airstrip
FBNX Nxamaseri Airport Nxamaseri Lodge
FBOD Oakdene Airport Oakdene
FBOK Okwa Airport Okwa
FBOM Omdop Airport Duba Plains Camp
FBOR ORP Orapa Airport Orapa
Oxford Airport Oxford
FBPM FRW P G Matante Intl Francistown
FBPY QPH Palapye Airport Palapye
FBPA Pandamatenga Airport Pandamatenga
FBPD Pandamatenga MIL North West
Pom Pom Airport Pom Pom Camp
FBRK Rakops Airport (Closed) Rakops
Rann Airport
Riverside North Airport
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