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Airports Africa Angola


ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
Alto Dondo Airport Dondo
FNAM AZZ Ambriz Airport Ambriz
ANL Andulo Airport Andulo
Baía dos Tigres Airstrip Vila Baía dos Tigres
Balombo Airport Balombo
FNBG BUG Benguela 17th of September Airport Benguela
Bentiaba Airfield Bentiaba
Bicunga Airport Bicunga
FYBW Bwabwata Cuando Cubango
FNCA CAB Cabinda Airport Cabinda
FN19 Cabo Ledo Air Base Cabo Ledo
FNCC Cacolo Airport Cacolo
FNCF CFF Cafunfo Airport Cafunfo
Cahama Airport Cahama
Caimbambo Airport Caimbambo
Calai Airport Calai
Calunda Airport Calunda
Caluquembe Airport Calequembe
FNCM Camabatela Airport Camabatela
Camacupa Airport Camacupa
FNCX CXM Camaxilo Airport Camaxilo
FNCB Camembe Airport Camembe
CNZ Cangamba Airport Cangamba
FNCP KNP Capanda Airport Capanda
Capelongo Airport Capelongo
Capenda Camulemba Airport Capenda Camulemba
Cassamba Airport Cassamba
CTV Catoca Airport Saurimo
FNCT CBT Catumbela Airport Catumbela
FNCZ CAV Cazombo Airport Cazombo
Chinhama Airport Chinhama
Chipato Airport Luao
Chitado Airport Chitado
PGI Chitato Chitato
FNCH PGI Chitato Airport Chitato
Chitembo Airport Chitembo
Coemba Airport Coemba
Cuangar Airport Cuangar
Cubango River Airport Hungulo
Cubati Airport Cubati
Cuchi Airport Cuchi
Cuima Airport Cuima
FNCV CTI Cuito Cuanavale Airport Cuito Cuanavale
Cuito Cuanavale South Airport Baixo Longa
Cuvelai Airport Cuvelai
Dala Airport Dala
FNDB Damba Airport Damba, Uige
DRC Dirico Airport Dirico
FNBJ NBJ Dr Antonio Agostinho Neto Intl Luanda
FNDU DUE Dundo Airport Chitato
Emilio de Carvalho Airport Emilio de Carvalho
Ganda Airport Ganda
JMB Jamba Airport Jamba
Jamba Airport Jamba
FNKU SVP Kuito Airport Kuito
Kwanda Airport Soyo
FNLB LLT Lobito Airport Lobito
Longa Airport Longa
Lóvua Airport Lóvua
Luacano Airport Luacano
Luando Airport Luando
UAL Luau Luau
FNUA UAL Luau Airport Luau
FNUB SDD Lubango Airport Lubango
FNLK LBZ Lucapa Airport Lucapa
Lucusse Airport Lucusse
FNUE LUO Luena Airport Luena
FNBL GGC Lumbala Airport Lumbala N'guimbo
GGC Lumbala Airstrip Lumbala
Lumeje Airport Lumeje
Lunuango Airstrip Lunuango
FNLZ LZM Luzamba Airport Luzamba
FNMA MEG Malanje Airport Malanje
Malongo Terminal Heliport Malongo
FNMQ Maquela do Zombo Airport Maquela do Zombo
Matala Airport Matala
Mavinga Airport Mavinga
FNBC SSY Mbanza Congo Airport Mbanza Congo
FNME SPP Menongue Airport Menongue
Miguel Airport Miguel
Mucusso Airport Mucusso
Mumbué Airport Mumbué
Mussende Airport Mussende
Mussuma Airport Mussuma
Mutumbo Airport Mutumbo
Nancova Airport Nancova
NDF N'dalatando Airport N'dalatando
FNNG GXG Negage Airport Negage
FNGI VPE Ngjiva Pereira Airport Ngiva
Nhamuana Airport Nhamuana
Ninda Airport Ninda
FNHU NOV Nova Lisboa Airport Huambo
FNZG NZA Nzagi Airport Nzagi
FNZE ARZ N'zeto Airport N'zeto
FNPA PBN Porto Amboim Airport Port Amboim
FNLU LAD Quatro de Fevereiro International Airport Luanda
Quirima Airport Quirima
Rito Airport Rito
FNPB Sanza Pombo Airport Sanza Pombo
FNSA VHC Saurimo Airport Saurimo
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