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ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
DAAT TMR Aguenar – Hadj Bey Akhamok Airport Tamanrasset
DAAS QSF Ain Arnat Airport Sétif
DAUU OGX Ain El Beida Airport Ouargla
DAAQ Ain Oussera Airport Ain Oussera
DAAF Aoulef Airport Aoulef
DABT BLJ Batna Airport Batna
DAOR CBH Béchar Boudghene Ben Ali Lotfi Airport Béchar
DAUB BSK Biskra Airport Biskra
DAAB QLD Blida Airport Blida
DATM BMW Bordj Badji Mokhtar Airport Bordj Badji Mokhtar
DAAW Bordj Omar Driss Airport Bordj Omar Driss
DAOB TID Bou Chekif Airport Tiaret
DAAD BUJ Bou Saada Airport Bou Saada
DAOE Bou Sfer Airport Bou Sfer
DAAK Boufarik Airport Boufarik
DABS TEE Cheikh Larbi Tébessi Airport Tébessi
DAAX Chéraga Airport Chéraga
DAAJ DJG Djanet Inedbirene Airport Djanet
DAOI CFK Ech Cheliff Airport Chlef
El Abiodh Sidi Cheikh Airport
DAOY EBH El Bayadh Airport El Bayadh
DAUE ELG El Golea Airport El Golea
DAOO ORN Es Senia Airport Oran
DAOV MUW Ghriss Airport Ghriss
DAUO ELU Guemar Airport Guemar
Hamaguir Airport
Hamra Airport Hassi Bel Guebour
DAFH HRM Hassi R'mel Airport Tilrempt
DAAG ALG Houari Boumediene Airport Algiers
Illizi Airport
DAAP VVZ Illizi Takhamalt Airport Illizi
DAUZ IAM In Aménas Airport Aménas
DATG INF In Guezzam Airport In Guezzam
DAUI INZ In Salah Airport In Salah
DAAV GJL Jijel Ferhat Abbas Airport Jijel
DAUL LOO Laghouat Airport Laghouat
MUW Mascara Mascara
DAAY MZW Mecheria Airport Mecheria
MZW Mechria Mechria
DABC CZL Mohamed Boudiaf International Airport Constantine
DA14 MQV Mostaganem Airport
DAUG GHA Noumérat - Moufdi Zakaria Airport Ghardaïa
DAOC Ouakda Airport Béchar
DAUH HME Oued Irara Airport Hassi Messaoud
DAEO QMH Oum el Bouaghi airport Oum El Bouaghi
DABB AAE Rabah Bitat Airport Annaba
DAAN Reggane Airport Reggan
DAAZ Relizane Airport Zemmora
Saida Airport
DAOS BFW Sidi Bel Abbes Airport Sidi Bel Abbès
DABP SKI Skikda Airport (Closed) Skikda
DAAE BJA Soummam Airport Béjaïa
DAOL TAF Tafaraoui Airport Oran
DAAM Telerghma Airport Telerghma
DAUT TMX Timimoun Airport Timimoun
DAOF TIN Tindouf Airport Tindouf
Tindouf East Airport
Tinfouchy Airport
DAUA AZR Touat Cheikh Sidi Mohamed Belkebir Airport Adrar
DAUK TGR Touggourt Sidi Madhi Airport Touggourt
DAFI QDJ Tsletsi Airport Djelfa
DAON TLM Zenata – Messali El Hadj Airport Tlemcen
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