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Bordeaux, FRANCE

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Latitude / Longitude: 44°49'41"N / 0°42'56"W
  44°49.698'N / 0°42.936'W
  44.8283 / -0.7156

Nearby radio navigation aids

BD BORDEAUX NDB. 228.2° 9.2nm from BD to field.
BE BORDEAUX NDB. 262.1° 13.8nm from BE to field.
NB BORDEAUX NDB. 202.9° 20.4nm from NB to field.

Runway Information

Runway 05 /23

Dimensions: 10171 x 148 ft.
Surface: ASP
Runway 05
Runway 23
Latitude: 44.819103 44.838694
Longitude: -0.728983 -0.701
Elevation: 160 ft. 160 ft.
Runway true heading: 42.9 222.9

Runway 11 /29

Dimensions: 7923 x 148 ft.
Surface: ASP
Runway 11
Runway 29
Latitude: 44.831567 44.825411
Longitude: -0.729242 -0.699897
Elevation: 153 ft. 153 ft.
Runway true heading: 103.9 283.9

Instrument Procedures

IAPs (Instrument Approach Procedures)

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LFBD 220400Z AUTO 00000KT 3300 0750 R23/P2300 R05/1200D R29/P2300 BCFG BKN014 OVC020 09/09 Q1024 TEMPO 0800 FG VV///
25.4nm S
LFBC 220400Z AUTO 00000KT 7000 SCT001 SCT006 OVC015 10/09 Q1024


TAF LFBD 212300Z 2200/2306 VRB02KT 9999 SCT005 OVC013 TEMPO 2200/2209 2000 -DZ BR BKN003 OVC008 PROB30 2201/2208 0800 FG VV/// BECMG 2210/2212 BKN017 BECMG 2214/2216 CAVOK BECMG 2301/2303 4500 BR PROB40 TEMPO 2303/2306 0500 FG VV/// TX15/2215Z TN05/2306Z
25.4nm S
TAF LFBC 212000Z 2121/2221 21003KT 8000 SCT007 OVC017 PROB40 TEMPO 2121/2201 3000 -DZ BKN003 BECMG 2206/2208 BKN010 BECMG 2210/2212 SCT018


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