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Airports Africa Cote d'Ivoire


ICAO IATA FAA Name Location
DIAU OGO Abengourou Airport Abengourou
DIAO ABO Aboisso Airport Aboisso
DIAD Adiake
Agnibilekro (Spad)
Ahouati (de Brecey)
Alassane Ouattara Helipad Abidjan
Aniassue (Sicofrel)
Assouindé Airport Assouindé
Bettie (Saph)
Bobi (Sodepalm)
DIBC Bocanda Airport Bocanda
Bolo Vsodepalm)
Bongo (Saph)
BGG Bongouanou Bongouanou
BRZ Borotou Borotou
DIBK BYK Bouaké Airport Bouaké
Boubele (Efba)
DIBN BQO Bouna Airport Bouna
DIBI BXI Boundiali Airport Boundiali
BUU Buyo Buyo
Cosrou Airport Cosrou
DIDB Dabou Airport Dabou
Dagbe (Arata)
DIDL DJO Daloa Airport Daloa
DNC Danane Danane
Danane (Thanry)
Dema (Ciff)
Dianra (Cidt)
Dibi Ayame (Sicofrel)
Didokro (Sicofrel)
DIDK DIM Dimbokro Airport Dimbokro
DIV Divo Divo
Fanienkro (Somdiaa)
DIAP ABJ Félix-Houphouët-Boigny International Airport Abidjan
Ferke I (Sodesucre)
Ferke II (Sodesucre)
DIFK FEK Ferkessédougou Airport (Closed) Ferkessédougou
Fresco (Sodepalm)
DIGA GGN Gagnoa Airport Gagnoa
Gohitafla (Satt)
Goya (Sebg)
Gragbaro (Palmivoire)
Grand-Lahou (Sodepalm)
Gregbau (Sepc)
Guessabo (Sotrefel)
DIGL GGO Guiglo Airport Guiglo
BBV Hkg Bereby
Iboke (Saph)
Issia (Sbsi)
Kafolo (Escarme)
KTC Katiola Airport Katiola
DIKO HGO Korhogo Airport Korhogo
LKT Lakota Lakota
Madoguhe (Cfta)
DITM TOZ Mahana Airport Touba
Maminan (Ministere Plan)
Mamini (Sicofrel)
DIMN MJC Man Airport Man
MOK Mankono Mankono
Marabadiassa (Satt)
Morifingso (Sodesucre)
Motobe (Sicofrel)
DIGN BBV Nero-Mer Airport Grand-Béréby
Nieki (Sicofrel)
Nigbi (Sicofrel)
DIOD KEO Odienne Airport Odienne
DIOF OFI Ouango Fitini Airport Ouango Fitini
Ouelle (Somdiaa)
Oume (a. Diby)
Pathaore (Saph)
Rapide-Grah (Csa)
DISP SPY San Pedro Airport San Pedro
DISS ZSS Sassandra Airport Sassandra
DISG SEO Séguéla Airport Séguéla
Sinfra (Csa)
Singrebo (Sicofrel)
DIBU BDK Soko Airport Bondoukou
Soubre (Juhen/Woef)
TBX Taabo Taabo
DITB TXU Tabou Airport Tabou
Tiassale (Safco)
TGX Tingrela Tingrela
Tortya (Saremci)
TOZ Touba Touba
Wèoulo Airport Wèoulo
DIYO ASK Yamoussoukro Airport Yamoussoukro
Zagné Airport Zagné
ZUE Zuenoula Zuenoula
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