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Halifax / Stanfield International Airport

Halifax, CANADA

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Latitude / Longitude: 44°52'50"N / 63°30'30"W
  44°52.848'N / 63°30.516'W
  44.8808 / -63.5086

Nearby radio navigation aids

YHZ HALIFAX VOR/DME. 261.1° 5.2nm from YHZ to field.
YYZ TORONTO VOR/DME. 310.5° 12.2nm from YYZ to field.
ZHZ SPLIT CROW NDB. 55.9° 5.8nm from ZHZ to field.
ZNS BLUENOSE NDB. 233.7° 6.2nm from ZNS to field.

Runway Information

Runway 05 /23

Dimensions: 8800 x 200 ft.
Surface: ASP
Runway 05
Runway 23
Latitude: 44.868686 44.888408
Longitude: -63.524067 -63.504622
Elevation: 477 ft. 477 ft.
Runway true heading: 33.2 213.2

Runway 14 /32

Dimensions: 7700 x 200 ft.
Surface: ASP
Runway 14
Runway 32
Latitude: 44.893778 44.881564
Longitude: -63.517222 -63.492969
Elevation: 435 ft. 435 ft.
Runway true heading: 123.2 302.8

Instrument Procedures

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  Parking Areas
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IAPs (Instrument Approach Procedures)

  Low Visibility Procedures
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CYHZ 180300Z 26011KT 4SM BR SCT003 SCT025 BKN120 OVC200 20/20 A2981 RMK SF3SC2AC1CI2 SLP094 DENSITY ALT 1400FT


TAF CYHZ 180238Z 1803/1824 24010KT 6SM BR SCT003 OVC040 TEMPO 1803/1806 4SM BR BKN003 OVC040 FM180600 30010G20KT 6SM BR SCT005 OVC015 TEMPO 1806/1809 4SM -RA -DZ BR BKN005 OVC015 FM180900 34010KT P6SM SCT010 TEMPO 1809/1811 BKN010 FM181700 33007KT P6SM FEW040 BECMG 1822/1824 20005KT RMK NXT FCST BY 180600Z
14.9nm SE
TAF CYAW 171711Z 1718/1806 18010KT P6SM FEW010 FEW030 BKN120 TEMPO 1718/1721 P6SM -SHRA SCT010 BKN030 OVC120 FM172100 22010KT P6SM FEW008 OVC030 TEMPO 1721/1723 5SM -SHRA BR BKN008 OVC020 PROB30 1721/1723 2SM TSRA BR BKN008 OVC020CB FM172300 22008KT 5SM -SHRA BR SCT006 OVC020 TEMPO 1723/1802 1/2SM FG VV002 PROB30 1723/1802 2SM TSRA BR BKN006 OVC020CB FM180200 26008KT 2SM BR OVC006 TEMPO 1802/1806 1/2SM -SHRA FG VV002 BECMG 1804/1806 30005KT RMK NXT FCST BY 180000Z


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