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Airport Data Improvement Suggestion Form

This screen allows you to suggest updates and corrections to records in the PilotNav database. Every issue that you suggest will be reviewed by our editorial staff and updates will be published to the PilotNav system and to systems which use it, such as the Safelog pilot logbook airport database periodically. We sincerely thank you for taking the time to help us improve PilotNav with your suggestions. In order to best help our editorial team evaluate each suggestion, we ask (require) that each suggestion here be accompanied by a short note telling us what you suggest and why. You are welcome to put your name and/or email address with your suggestion, but this is not required; if you do so, our editorial staff may get back to you for further clarification if necessary.
  • This suggestion tool is for AIRPORTS ONLY. Please do not submit requests for NAVAIDs, waypoints, etc. here.
  • Please verify any changes you are suggesting with official sources. Please do not submit any suggestions unless you are quite sure that the information you are submitting is correct and have taken the time to verify this with a trustworthy source.
  • Please do not submit "missing ICAO" codes for USA/FAA or Canadian airports unless you verify the existence and correctness of that ICAO code via an official source. We routinely get incorrect suggestions which ask us to, for example, add bogus ICAO code "KQ12" based on some FAA airport code "Q12". As a general rule, if your FAA, Transport Canada, IATA, or any other 'local' airport identifier contains a number, then that airport is unlikely to have an official ICAO code at all, and if it does, the ICAO code is likely to be something completely different. Even if your "local" airport code contains all letters, please do not assume that there is an ICAO code for it that is based on this code (example: Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport in Puerto Rico has the FAA and IATA code "SJU" but the ICAO code is "TJSJ.") .
  • If you feel that we have a duplicate airport in our database, please let us know by writing the details of this in the 'note' field.
  • If you feel we are missing an airport, click here to suggest a new airport for PilotNav.

Please edit the fields below to tell us how you think the record should be and then write whatever notes you have in the comments section below before clicking 'submit.' If you have suggestions for several airports, please find each airport separately in PilotNav and fill out this form individually for each airport. Unfortunately, in the past users have written things like 'also the same for airport X' which has led to ambiguity. Thank you for your understanding!

Please edit the boxes below to reflect how you think the entry for this airport/facility should be.
For example, if you want to make a suggestion to change the airport name, edit the "name" line below.

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